Thursday, June 16, 2011

si referendum nucleare

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  • gk_2000
    08-23 02:45 PM
    How about people are using it as a loop hole and smack you down. Just because you have the option, it does not mean the right thing.

    It is not the right thing -- from your perspective, because you can't take advantage of it. From the USA point of view multinational executives can potentially create jobs and that's why they must be allowed
    You may call it "loophole", based on your understanding of it. However the reality may be different and larger than what you see. So don't axe the branch you are sitting on!

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  • ind_game
    05-13 11:58 PM
    This is strange, They are saying your I 140 get denied on the date it was approved...
    What was the result of second MTR, Is that dismissed too...

    No man.........I am waiting for the outcome.......In fact to be frank I am bracing myself for Writ of Mandamus Lawsuit.....frustration....

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  • amitjoey
    05-14 04:55 PM
    you can still call the senators on the west coast- you got 2 more hours.
    Please call.

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  • RNGC
    06-23 04:49 PM
    I am preparing an article for NY times explaining our sufferings! Please contribute your thoughts.

    1. What is America losing because of our prolonged wait for Green Cards?

    2. How people who have green cards are contributing to the country as a whole ?

    3. What if the whole green card process takes less than 3 years ?

    Few obvious things are we would have bought a house, gone up in our carrier ladder, spend more and contribute to the economy, our spouse could have started working etc....

    I am looking for thoughts and experience other than the above things.


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  • amitjoey
    07-18 04:43 PM
    Is this discussed already , I am not aware , because I am just following this site since a week.

    Welcome to IV

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  • k3GC
    12-10 09:21 PM
    If i have to interpret that - once EB2I and EB2C start having the same priority dates thats when spillover has started happening, then past years records show the following

    In 2009 - this was first evident in the Jul 09 Bulletin
    In 2008 - this was first evident in the Apr 08 Bulletin
    In 2007 - This was evident in the fiasco bulletin of Jul 07

    I dont think quarterly spillovers ever happen, Jan to Apr 2010 is going to see slow progress in dates as per their projections. May 2010 bulletin may show some changes.

    Unless ofcourse Magic happens :D


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  • roseball
    08-23 09:49 AM
    AFAIK, this memo only applies to those I-140 petitions which do NOT require a labor certification approval. It does NOT apply to EB-2 Advanced degree holder petitions which require a certified labor and BS + 5 yrs or MS + 0 yrs of experience.

    Though, for now, most of us who are filing in EB-2 Advanced degree holder category have nothing to worry, this definitely looks like a targeted approach where they are coming after everybody, one category at a time. So its just a matter of time it seems when they come up with something which targets everyone...

    As per Matthew Oh's blog, this will be adopted on Sep 3rd.

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  • pappu
    08-24 07:59 AM
    If there is abuse of the system, then people should go ahead and complain to USCIS WITH PROOF. Writing hearsay stories on the forum without proof will not help solve anything.


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  • HV000
    09-28 06:45 PM
    Oh Law Firm Update :

    09/28/2007: Depressing News for the Year-End Backend 485 Delays and Potential Waste of Visa Numbers for FY 2007

    Unconfirmed sources indicate that two days before the end of FY 2007, there may be a substantial number of 485 applications for which visa numbers are available but have yet to be adjudicated, indicating that some visa numbers could be wasted this year. We know that the Service Centers have been working day and night and did not have enough resources to deal with the crisis which was brought about by the recent Visa Bulletin fiasco. We just hope for the better new fiscal year that will start from October 1, 2007.

    This is horrible. We need to know how many numbers have been wasted due to notorious inefficiency of USCIS. This also raises an important question why DOS does not allocate the entire 140,000 on Oct 1st when there is tremendous backlog in the system. Also, it is ridiculous that USCIS does not release the Number of backlogged applicants in its system.!!

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    09-01 03:24 PM
    Glad to see there are people like me on this thread. I came to the US in FEB 1995 as an undergrad. I have an MS today and dropped out of the PHD program (2000) to find a job because of recessions. Survived 3 top-notch companies, recessions, despicable back-stabbing coworkers, unethical and unworkable environment, lay-offs, legal dept messing up my H1b application making me go on unpaid leave (~3wks) without health insurance, filing me under EB3 while applying EB2 for another coworker from a diff country with the same job title, etc rear end is pretty soar these days and I am beginning to question all this....

    i usually dont post much...but I couldnt resist this thread
    It will take another 9-10 years to get your GC if the system remains the same.
    Please upgrade to EB2


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  • dontcareanymore
    03-13 02:10 PM
    How does that work? There is no law or process to connect an abandoned labor. I had approved labor with a PD of 1999 that got lost when I switched companies. But no one seems to be connecting that to me.

    You can use that priority date if I140 was filed for you based on that and approved. Was I140 filed for you ? Or you just abandoned it while labor was pending ?? If the later, your employer must have made money when labor substitution was allowed :) (Making a BIG assumption here )

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  • gc_on_demand
    03-09 11:32 AM
    For Eb2 india and china dates will be like this in April 2009 bulletin.

    Eb2 India : Feb 2005
    China : Feb 2006

    May 2009 bulletin

    Eb2 India : May 2005
    China : May 2006

    June 2009 bulletin

    Eb2 India : Sep 2005
    China : Sep 2006

    July 2009 bulletin

    Eb2 India : Feb 2006
    China : Feb 2007

    August 2009 bulletin

    Eb2 India : May 2007
    China : May 2008


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  • Amma
    09-09 12:22 AM
    Dear friends,

    Contributed $ 300 today via google .

    Keep going IV.


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  • bestofall
    07-15 03:25 PM
    Here is my pledge.
    If $2000 is reached today, i will send another $50 today.
    (Fyi, i've already sent$50 yesterday)


    Satyasai ,

    You are the STAR ,
    Iam sure every one will get motivated by you :)



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  • ashutrip
    06-25 10:21 AM
    As far as I know your country of origin doesn't matter under PERM. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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  • yabadaba
    02-18 05:07 PM
    i had run these numbers a while back. for sure EB2 will reach the end of 2005 this year. i just hope its done systematically so that they clear everybody with an EB2 2005 PD this year.


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  • jayleno
    10-17 04:22 PM
    Its sad that only so many people have decided to send the letters. Come on people....Please send the letters/e-mails. Also dont forget to vote on the poll and have a beer this weekend.

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  • ashutrip
    06-22 10:40 AM
    Any update/news from atalanta....god bad or ugly?

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  • VSS2007
    04-03 11:18 AM
    Every one is living with full of hopes.. Please no fight.

    06-07 07:47 AM
    Just contributed 100 USD. I know the money will go far and also that IV needs more money to get us where we want to be. Come on people, lets do it.

    100 USD will buy you freedom.

    You are now a super hero.

    Come on heros, you can all do it. IV == "I" and "we" all together united.

    United - we can all do it.

    08-23 09:49 AM
    Does it mean the eligibility criteria/job requirement for EB2 is changed from Bachelors + 5 years of experience to Bachelors + 10 years of experience?

    Read the definition of EB-2, and its sub-classification for Advanced Degree, Exception abilities and National Interest Waiver.

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