Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • pappu
    02-06 06:05 PM

    I can organize weekly Conf. call, but I would need some initial input from IV Core Team about its activities. I also need to understand what were SoCal chapter targets and if any progress has been made. Maybe 485Mb4001 or Amit can guide on this?
    pls take the lead yourself for thiis chapter. Jimmi_hendrix will be no longer leading this chapter. We need someone to lead this effort. If anyone else wants to come forward pls. do so and take charge. Communicate with the northern CA foks and organize a combined call or seperate call. We need someone to take a leadership role in this chapter at this time. Contact each and every member in this thread and bring them together to work on IV agenda items as outliined on the link on IV homepage for chapters.

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  • gc_chahiye
    06-08 01:43 PM

    My Labor was certified this week from PBEC. My PD is Mar '05. Is Premium filing for I-141 advised?

    If you are in EB2, then might as well go for PP for the I-140. Regular at Nebraska is taking 8 months. Given the way dates move erratically, if you get current in the next couple of months (I hope you do, mine is the same PD) you wont have I-140 to worry about, you'll be all set.

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  • gc_on_demand
    06-10 01:40 PM
    In the last several months, the worldwide demand for immigrant visas in the EB-2 category has been lower than the State Department expected. To make sure that all available EB-2 immigrant visas are used, DOS has, since April, made some unused worldwide numbers available for China and India and will continue to do so in July. If worldwide demand for these visas increases, however, DOS could impose cut-off dates or declare the China or India EB-2 category unavailable, as it did for India in February 2008, possibly even in the middle of the month

    What are chances of Eb2 india will become unavailbale. Core members is there any companign that we can do to move this thing forwards. I called CHC and local lawmakers.

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  • ronhira
    03-06 08:38 PM
    Heres the sliver lining of all this immigration mess. Its good for spiritual development. I came here 10 years ago in mid 20s. My understanding of Indian philosophy was rudimentary at best. Now I have found reading and meditating on the meaning of Gita is one of the best ways for me to deal with the GC mess, and life in general. So I wonder if GC had been a smooth process would I have still discovered the beauty of the Gita?

    sounds like a case of mid life crisis..... if it were not gc then there would have been something else to discover u'r beauty of gita..... that's how we all r..... & what does gita tell u @ illegal immigrants.... just curious?


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  • chi_shark
    02-23 01:47 PM
    Well, I too had a Infopass last week to check on a Soft LUD on my I-140, I heard slightly different story, they did not say adjudicating the EB application, but Process the EB application, which I guess what they were saying is pre-adjudicating the cases, in the last few weeks with lot of cases being transferred (both EB2/EB3) to different offices, pre-adjudicating the cases makes sense....but hey, we are talking about USCIS here, we never know, whatever you heard could be true too......

    One piece of information that made me happy reading your comment was "a directive from the DHS/USCIS that they want to separate the legal stuff from the illegal stuff", this is good news.....but wondering what does legal/illegal mean to USCIS anyway......and how does it help us???

    yeah, he did say the legal/illegal stuff... i have a strong feeling that he was just shooting his mouth... i am pretty sure it is standard procedure for them to not allude to something like this... may be he was just not doing it right? only time can tell...

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  • makemygc
    07-06 02:00 PM
    why not our motherland INDIA

    coz we need some place to go for vacation ;)


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  • asharda
    09-09 03:42 PM
    My 1 cent (percent) towards 30K --- $300/-

    Go IV. All the best for your effort. Sorry I will be out of country and can't make it but I will be watching closely.

    Best wishes

    Google Order #829616371917763

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  • imv116
    07-15 09:04 PM
    The problem I see with Los Angeles is the high population of illegals. Any thing here looks like pro-illegal.

    Doing the rally in other cities in Los Angeles County or Orange County is the media visibility that we can get.

    Any suggestions from SoCAL members?



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  • eb3_nepa
    07-14 01:33 PM
    sent $10.00 instead of $5 to make up for someone that doesn't.:)
    Used Bank Bill Pay Conf : 119124506

    WAY to go hariswaminathan. THAT is the spirit.

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  • PBECVictim
    05-18 06:15 PM
    Jumbo loans are not getting approved for EAD status. Banks are rejecting Jumbo loans (> 417K) if your immigration status is EAD or AOS. I don't have any idea about normal loans (< 417K). But banks are giving Jumbo loans if the status is H-1B.

    But noone is rejecting loan, if your down payment is 20% of the value of the home.


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  • bigtime007
    06-16 01:30 PM
    Champak, I'm in the same boat as yours. Called the Atlanta number and left a message with my case number. My attorney sent an email this week. I have also asked my employer to do the same. Maybe I'll take your advice and send them an email too.

    How long has your case been pending? My case is pending for only one month, not sure if my lawyer and employer will send email for me.

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  • skillet
    06-22 11:20 AM
    Still per my attorney it shows "In-Process". Mine was filed on Feb 5th...


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  • sunny1000
    07-06 07:31 AM
    mbawa2574...IV is run by a bunch of volunteers as against full time execs (like Red Cross and La Raza) who are elected. For argument sake, even if we have elections, who are going to vote....anonymous handles like you and me??

    With all due respect to you, simply calling the current core team to quit does not make any sense. IMHO, they have done everything they could. The one thing that everybody has to understand is the current political climate for an immigration debate is so bad that it has become the 3rd wheel in politics that no one wants to touch. We are a drop of water when compared to the sea of undocumented workers that are in the forefornt of this debate and nobody gives a flying jack about the employment based applicants whom both the left and the right don't want anything to do with. With such a hostile political climate, why would I vote for a new team who has no experience in the workings of Washington versus the current team's 3 year experience?

    Yeah, you are right when you said we may need to think about new/different strategies. But, the big question is what are those strategies? let's say we have elections and elect new core team, how is that team going to change the way we lobby or the way we raise money or the way we get the message across?

    The one thing I would do differently as a core team is to reach out to a big community based org like La Raza, for example, and learn their method of communication and their fundraising efforts and see if we can implement it here at IV (easier said than done).

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  • sam2006
    09-13 07:46 PM
    Milind123 you are the MAN !!!
    IV is proud of you


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  • sunofeast_gc
    07-23 06:15 PM
    Guys, We just got the magic e-mail.!!
    Card Production ordered
    PD AUG 2004
    RD :FEB 2005
    EB3 INDIA :) :) :)

    thx everyone for your help and suppport!!


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  • GCKarma
    07-06 11:12 AM
    Man, in frustration people do not even know what to say and what not! Be very careful of what you spin and what you say. From the looks of it, this stuff has every chance of spinning out of control and it may have already started the ball rolling.Think about it for a second!. Once it goes that way, trust me, we will all live to regret that.
    Yes, DHS approved upwards of 25000 GCs over the weekend, leading up to July 2nd. And some people are pissed off at that, err..why?
    Remember, those 25000 are one of us. Once,they too were in line for Labor certifications, I-140s, medical exams and all that crap. And some of them were in the so called "FBI Name check" black-hole for an extended period of time. We should be rejoicing in the fact that most of those backlogs got cleaned up. Instead we have people questioning the validity of those newly approved GCs.My dear friends, god willing, we will all have GCs one day and tell me, how would you feel if someone else comes screaming at you just because he did not get one too.
    Putting a "security lapse" spin on this could be very dangerous and should be avoided at any cost. I hope one of those anti-immigrant lobbies do not pick it up and start running with that. I prey that they do not revoke those already approved GCs, because if they do, then those poor 25000 souls will go through much more agony than what we are going through now.

    It's very tough to get the genie back in the bottle once it is out, so think before you start popping that cork.

    Atleast those 25,000 people have EAD.Think about the remaining 700 thousand people who are in a deep shit


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  • billu
    08-05 01:40 PM
    hi! i am a physical therapist on h1b...all this news abt retrogression is too scary...i had a few qs:
    what is the scenario for someone like me who would file I-140 in the next couple of months?
    what are the chances of Schedule A being alloted additional visa numbers in the next 2 years?
    how much wait time would be expected under EB 3 category for India for someone whose priority date wud b oct or nov'07???

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  • alterego
    06-16 11:30 AM
    If you are stuck at Atlanta PERM backlog center , please email your case number and explain them that your application has been pending for a LONG time and request them to help us get out of this grave situation. Also, please post on this thread after you have sent an email so that others can be motivated to do the same. We need to send as many emails as possible to get any positive feedback. I know that DOL mentioned that they will start processing our applications soon, but we need to keep up the pressure from our end so that it has some positive effect.

    I know most of the people on this forum are not in this situation ..... but let's see how many can come out of this selfishness and help others by emailing / phoning DOL Atlanta to help other brothers who want to file AOS just like them...... When phone campaigns / email campaigns happen .... we who are stuck at Atlanta help others tooo... so let's see how many on this form help us now...

    Here is the info :
    email :
    Phone : 404-893-0101

    Champak (Same as 1 and 2)

    Didn't realise they now have a PERM backlog center. I thought baclkog centers were only for traditional and RIR labours, I guess there is no end to the circus of immigration life.

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  • coolmanasip
    08-23 03:05 PM
    If implemented, would this cause audits/additional reviews of already approved I-140s? My 140 was approved in January 2007 in EB2 - Exceptional Ability/Advanced Degree. Hope this does not cause any issues for people like me....

    07-18 08:23 PM
    Contributed 100$. Thanks, IV!

    06-20 11:20 PM
    Wake up people...

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