Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • WillIBLucky
    12-19 07:16 AM
    There are many people who have contributed and will be contributing again. But can I know how would more money would have helped convincing Senator Sessions to say "Yes" for the bill??
    I am not sure if more money would have passed the bill in Lame Duck session without Senator Session approving it. Also, the lawyers ask only for the service they render to you. They dont ask money for keeping your application with them and unable to process because of retrogression.
    You may want to get in touch with core members if you have questions. They are very prompt in answering questions.Such posts will only create roadblocks to the momentum created on the forum by some of our members. It is time to help rather than ask. We have seen in the lameduck session how close we came to getting the bill passed. If IV was not there, even this much was not possible. We give thousands of dollars to our lawyers, can't we simply give 20 dollars to IV without asking questions and believing in this cause?

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  • mzafar125
    05-02 09:30 AM

    Just wanted to let you know that I received my refund yesterday. My wife and I filed a joint return. We both have SSN's. Just relax folks if you filed your taxes you will receive the refund. I had hoped the money could have been put to better use but oh well the politicians know better.

    PD Oct 2002 ROW
    485 files in June 2007
    Still waiting for that darn GC

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  • natrajs
    10-01 05:04 PM
    Let us wait for the statement from USCIS

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  • amits
    07-20 06:16 AM
    Thanks a lot reachtoravi.
    Please ask your friends to contribute as well. Lets strengthen our foundation to face upcoming challenges..

    Donated one time $100 ...

    Just now signed up for $50 a month recurring contribution ...

    Thanks to IV for all great work.


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  • Openarms
    03-13 04:43 PM
    Can IV admin add new column for case approved/waiting on the header of each members profiles. I wonder why they did not put it.. is there any reason??

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  • sunny1000
    04-30 04:18 PM
    Yahi hai Umrika ke USCIS ke officer ka Tashan!

    and in English that means what?


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  • vgayalu
    06-01 10:01 AM
    Hi Guys,
    How it sounds ,If we give top most lazy award to Philly- BEC center from IV side.

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  • gcnyc
    01-14 09:56 AM
    My case was filed on May,2003/EB3/RIR/NY. No 45 day letter/no approval so far from Philly backlog center.


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  • imm_pro
    07-20 03:44 PM
    Hillary is such a 2 face person...She collects all the campaign funds from the tech lobbies with her pro skilled immmigrant oratory skills and at the same time appease the anti immigration rightists..

    also whats up with the senators from CA..both of them NAYed..what are the influential tech companies doing ?

    IV shuould highlight these upcoming bills like this on the front page and ask members to respond accordingly.

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  • jungalee43
    04-29 06:50 PM
    Senator Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts) - left voice mail

    Senator Judd Gregg (R-New Hampshire) - left voice mail

    Senator Richard Lugar (R-Indiana) -left voice mail

    Senator Michael Enzi (R-Wyoming) - left voice mail

    Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) - it was not on my print out. But would call right away.

    Senator John Ensign (R-Nevada) - Spoke with staff. Could not escape noticing her "sigh" when I mentioned CIR. She asked if I was from Nevada. I said no. But still she patientely took my message. She said there was no official statement yet from the senator and would not tell his position.

    Senator Orin Hatch (R-Utah) - engage. Nothing happened.

    Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) - You must call during office hours. Cannot leave voice mail.

    Senator John Kyl (R-Texas) - left voice mail

    Senator Mitch Mcconnell (R-Kentuky) - engage

    Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota) - Voice mail

    Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) - Mail box full !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Senator Jon Tester (D-Montana) - left voice mail

    Senator Jim Webb (D-Virginia) - left voice mail

    Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-Rhode Island) - left voice mail. Here you hear prompt both in English as well as Spanish before you get the beep of the voice mail.

    In every message I mentioned my name, address and phone numbers. Will call the Sen. Graham and sponsoring dems now. I will make another round of calls during office hours tomorrow.
    And please the Fax link for guests. They should not be able to edit the mesasge. But must enter name and address. I can have at least 100 faxes sent.


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  • RN_Usa
    08-02 10:27 AM

    any updates on the bridge bill for schedule A Nurses.
    Heard that it is proposed and not passed till today. Any future predictions. The healthcare shortage is critical.

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  • Blessing&Lifeisbeautiful
    08-08 05:46 PM
    Hi Angel

    If you need any help whatsoever, ps let me know.



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  • GCKaMaara
    02-23 04:34 PM
    I am expecting about a year forward movement for EB2 India in April 2009 bulletin.

    I hope they move EB3 India to 16-Oct-2001 :)

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-21 01:16 PM
    Yes its a very serious issue. As chandu mentioned earlier more action items are coming soon to fight this. But in the meantime please show your support and your willingness to fight this - if you havnt sent the mail yet, please do it and vote in the poll above. When we started this campaign, I though that at least a few hundred people will come forward easily - now is the time to act.

    With you.


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  • IN2US
    07-09 06:20 PM
    I live in Southbay 90503.

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  • hpandey
    03-04 03:52 PM
    1. Did you pay for points?
    2. When did you lock?
    3. Who is your lender?

    I didn't pay any points. I locked in two weeks back and closed this week. Lender is a local bank in Mass.


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  • perm2gc
    07-23 03:22 PM
    Hey you are mentioning that you are in EB3 India with a Priority date of AUG 2004. When did you file for the I-485. To my knowledge it was never until this July Fiasco. Can you please explain.
    Concurrent filing was present at that time :D

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  • newuser
    09-12 10:29 AM
    I am Ok with this idea as long as the issue doesn't get diluted.

    I think everyone should send the letter in the same format though.

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  • needhelp!
    09-10 03:30 PM, akr_roy, vinod_gvk, spce94mech, subujee, babu123, leo2606

    08-25 09:07 PM
    Not sure about which bank would be good but whichever bank you choose make sure that they give you a statement of how much interest you paid over the year. Most people don't realize that you can deduct interest paid for a home loan in India is tax deductible in the US. Just FYI.

    07-06 01:49 PM
    I dont understand how organizations like DOS , USCIS can do such
    Ping-pong childish things in their official website.

    Save us God !

    This shows that they are preparing for the legal fight!! Covering up as much as they can.

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