Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • vjkypally
    07-06 05:47 PM
    Does Condi know what shes speakin? That they worked during weekend clearing 25000 visas so that no one can apply on July 2nd.

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  • sheelalann
    05-21 12:54 PM
    i have seen cases where date was ported only after the letter was sent

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  • qasleuth
    03-12 08:05 PM
    ok...I am trying really hard to understand what you are trying to convey. What is your concern ? People will stop visiting IV and go to other websites ?
    No need to be over-dramatic (did not read any one calling you a traitor). People talk about going back to their home countries too (but I actually see a small fraction of people actually doing it).

    I am not sure you understand the concept of an organization offering 'services' to its members. X man hours to produce ? what are you talking about ?
    My friend it is not just 'information'. Information is money. All you are talking about is 'forums/discussion boards'. I have mentioned this before as well. IV is more than a discussion board and you can make no comparison to other tracker websites.

    Here is some additional info about non-profit orgs. You SHOULD read about non-profit orgs in the below link:

    So your definition of support is 'monetary support' only?

    I am sorry for being so critical, but then someone has to.
    If the idea of monetary only threads is to affirm the show of support, than am i a traitor to the greater good of retrogressed non-immigrants? This is not the right way to go.

    Donors here on this very thread have already started talking about people spilling over to sites like and also if members might float other immigration websites.

    why are we doing this? Why are we creating differences?
    What is the Donor only thread? is it a commodity, that took 'x' man hours to produce, that you are charging money for it?

    It is information. period. and as every hour passes, more organisations are providing or striving to provide information free of cost.

    Also, what are we discussing in these threads, that we have to be paid members to view it?

    Have you even thought about this legally?
    Usually, a non-for-proft org has a fund raiser or a money raiser drive or event.
    How are you even justifying asking for money to view threads, which is nothing but information that you do not own and have not worked to get it.

    Believe me, this is walking on a very thin line.

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  • JunRN
    09-29 01:40 AM
    Hahaha! It sounds that you're really mad though! I am optimistic that I'll get my GC next year! No need to wait for 2009!


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  • immig4me
    05-03 01:48 PM
    Cornyn Open to Working on Immigration Reform - Roll Call (

    Can the members in Texas and others call on Sen. Cornyn's office and ask him to support the bill. I just called their office, and the staff says that he has no statement from the senator, and therefore has no position as of yet. I asked him about the above report, and all he offered was "no comments"

    Hope IV members step up their efforts in calling the list of Senators and post their feedback on this forum. We can learn from each others feedback and bring more pressure on these legislators.

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  • r_mistry
    12-28 09:27 AM
    My AP application was filed with NSC on July 24th and online status shows receipt date of september 19th. Have not heard anything yet.


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  • pappu
    09-14 06:37 PM

    This is a request to every member working very hard in the media campaign and state chapters. If you get a response from any reporter for a media interview, DO NOT post the details on the forum. Please be alert if you find someone posting such message and immediately have that deleted.

    If you get a media lead immediately send an email with information about the media lead to --- media at

    By sharing sensitive information on the open forum please understand that you maybe destroying the hard work of everyone in the media effort. It takes lot of effort to get media stories. Each of our member is a PR agent for us and we have a well planned strategy to help this entire community and get the immigration issues solved.


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  • desidude
    07-15 10:56 AM
    Sent $10....



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  • gk_2000
    08-24 01:38 PM
    I dont have any opinions on the main topic here - just wanted to chime in on this one...
    Many CEOs work for $1 a year - thats just the salary component and only one side of the story. There is another side to it - stocks and options. No one gives up the stocks that they keep getting every year..infact, for many of these guys, the salary is just a drop in the bucket. Their real cash cow is the hundreds of thousands in stocks that they receive each year. Nobody gives those up. The $1 per year is mostly a publicity thing...

    So this actually supports my point. There is no "loophole" to close.

    I recommend my friends snathan and swissgear to avoid actions based on jealousy over people just like yourself. But hurting them you hurt yourself

    Giving reds - is that the only thing you can do? Do you want more "helpful" posts from me? I wish to avoid the specifics of your arguments or rebukes, as they are not important here, so if my replies are not "helpful" then perhaps your arguments are irrelevant to begin with

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  • jfredr
    07-24 12:11 PM
    Is it a credit card or Green card?

    both are good enjoy.


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  • makemygc
    07-06 12:06 PM
    The Visa Bulletin for July 2007 must be read in conjunction with the Update of July Visa Availability.

    I don't know why they changed it suddenly.

    They have just linked the two things together making it more explicit.

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  • Libra
    09-10 04:55 PM
    thank you.
    I contributed whatever I can. Please contribute your part.


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  • Mouns
    04-30 03:19 PM
    Born in China, you can't get a Visa, even if you have a job not fillable by an US guy. And same thing if you are spouse,child you need to wait for years.
    Can we estimate what kind of relief would be given in these cases?

    Openheim: 225K recaptured GC family and Employment. Would provide some relief, not a lot!. As for family, about 50GC would go the husband and wife. it would be a first step.

    Lowsy job and recapturing wouldn't help a lot! needs to explore other possibilities...

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  • 485Mbe4001
    03-17 07:28 PM
    Not eligible at the current time? If your circumstances change and you become eligible after you file your 2007 federal tax return, you can always file an amended return using Form 1040X. If you're not eligible this year but you become eligible next year, you can claim the economic stimulus payment next year on your 2008 tax return.

    both husband-wife should have SSN.

    what about july filers. Most have received SSN for H4 by now.

    those who already filed using ITIN might be at loss.


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  • GC_Ven
    03-02 11:37 AM
    If anyone can post an update that would be great.

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  • markandeyan
    07-25 05:19 PM
    Contributed $100 thru PayPal(Transaction ID: 3X3138428V341142D)


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  • H1bslave
    01-07 09:18 AM
    I thought you are Bulgarian :confused:
    Ok, so I saw the video. I am confused by his analogy and I am a scientist. Maybe it is the lack of data analysis and graphics he keeps referring to. He is not a great speaker. I stopped watching it midway.

    BTW, I am a student from a so called 'garbage' Indian education system and a graduate of Duke University.:p

    Go figure!

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  • Vsach
    07-14 08:09 PM
    Going in mail tomorrow...let's do able!!

    Please post this thread at as well...way to go!


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  • sufferer
    02-07 10:06 AM
    I been a member of IV for a long time and just to keep myself anonymous for a while I created this account. I am so sorry for opening a thread in a completely irrelevant forum but I have no idea what to do. So, I request all the members to please help me by providing some kind of information.

    Here is my story:

    I came to US in 2002 and completed masters and been working since then. I got married couple of years ago. Whatever the monetary gifts the girls parents gave as part of the marriage, I put all that in an account on the girls name within 2 days of the marriage. We came to India and from then on the problems started. She and her parents want me to separate from my parents and support their family by sending money to their parents which I couldn't do. How can I leave my parents in their old age when they worked very hard to give a decent life. She has been harassing me mentally for this all the time. Recently her parents have been threatening me saying they will file dowry case in India if I don't send money or cut myself off from my parents. I provided for the girl in all possible ways, even encouraged her to join school to get a masters degree which she stopped soon. We had a baby recently and my parents visited us to help us with the baby. She started harassing them too by saying something or other.

    I am very frustrated at this situation and I don't know what to do. I am on H1B and applied for 485 too. At times I feel like applying for divorce but when I think about my little baby I am not able to take that step. The house we currently live in, I bought long before the marriage. It came to a situation where we cannot live together. I cannot ask her to go out of the house because she doesn't have anywhere to go and with the baby even if she leaves, it will be very tough. I said I will leave the house and stay in a apartment for which she threatens to commit suicide. So, I don't know what to do. I am worried about my baby because between all this my baby's life will be spoiled and I don't want that. Can anyone please tell me what I can do in this matter?

    Thank you very much for taking time to read this.

    08-10 03:20 PM
    All 6 of our checks got cleared today below are the details

    I-485/131/765 recd date: 2nd july 07
    I-485/131/765 notice date: 06th Aug 07
    Service Center send : NSC
    I-140 approved : on 31-May-06, TSC
    Got Recipts : NO

    07-19 02:07 PM
    Since both A and B were current at the time of AOS approval. Person with earlier RD will take precedence. however if the cut off date were April 2003, person B will get the visa.

    Not necessarily. Here is a hypothetical scenario:

    PersonA = PD of May 30th, 2003 and RD of June 15th, 2007.
    Assume that an additional 150,000 I-485 applications were filed petween PersonA and PersonB
    PersonB = PD of May 15, 2002 and RD of July 15th 2007.

    USCIS starts pre-adjudicating cases based on Receipt date. Assume that by October 1, 2007, they have pre-adjudicated PersonA plus 9,000 of the 150,000 applications and haven't reached PersonB's application yet (they go by RD).

    Assuming that the visa cutoff date in Oct, 2007 bulletin is June, 2003 making both PersonA and personB current:
    PersonA (PD of 2003) will get a visa number and get the case approved while PersonB (PD of 2002) with an older priority date will have to wait a while because his case hasn't been touched by USCIS yet due to the additional 150,000 filings in between that have to be pre-adjudicated first based on RD even if they have 2004/2005/2006/2007 priority dates!!

    You forgot that there were another 150,000 applications in this example with RD prior to PersonB and it is very likely that many of them could have the PD of April, 2003. Therefore, PersonB will still not get it even though he/she has an older Priority date!!

    I think that after this stampede of application filings in June/July/August, USCIS needs to sort them by PD first otherwise people with older priority dates will suffer simply due to the volume of applications filed!!

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