Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • inskrish
    08-11 07:34 PM
    I am July 2nd filer, Got finger print notice from NSC with notice dated 8/7.


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  • Milind123
    09-12 11:16 AM
    Thankyou satyachowdary and sameold.
    All, please remember my intention is to motivate the people who never contributed and who start
    a $50 monthly contribution at least for six months. Also don't forget to PM me when you
    start your monthly contibution.

    Anyway good start. satyachowdary and sameold please consider monthly contributions.

    Here are my details

    Order Details - Sep 12, 2007 11:34 AM EDT
    Google Order #365470411117583

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  • funny
    09-12 01:56 PM
    That is right. I said before and I am saying again. I am against sending flowers or calculators because.
    1. They cost money (Some people may not do that just because of that).
    2. USCIS will like those toys for their kids (Please come out of the movie mood, movies impress a lot but they are a lot different from real life). Believe me they will treat these things as wonderful gifts and we will end up spending time and money for these.
    3. It will not make any difference to USCIS.
    4. USCIS can always redirect all those flowers to orphanage or other places, what they cannot do is redirect our posters trying to put them to shame.
    I have been appealing a lot about this. Why do not we have a letter compain along with posters which should put them to shame. These should not only be sent to USCIS, but also to the press, congressmen, president of US and yes the director of USCIS. I have created several posters here.
    The letter campaign thread is

    Does anybody here agree with me ? Singhsa, your thoughts ?

    I totally agree with "bsbawa10" , Not many people will invilve if its a matter of spending 30-50$ and for sure stuff like Calculators and clock will go to the Kids of USCIS officers and their friends as Thanksgiving "Gifts". I think we should send mass letters to all the involved agencies with posters. Not only all the people will be involved, it will be difficult for USCIS to redirect the stuff to some orphanage/veterans Hospitals etc. Just my 2 cents.

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  • coopheal
    08-13 03:55 PM
    IV Core any ideas. Will this work.

    some 50-100 EB3 I applicants should go to DC and meet high officials, CHC folks and every department that is influential to EB immigrant VISA and make them understand our plight. No guarantee that this would work. But, we will get a first hand response that may help atleast help us to chose from one of 3 options listed above.


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  • pcs
    07-06 08:51 AM
    Please do this. It is worth every second of your time

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  • hopefulgc
    09-12 05:26 PM
    apun also ready
    lets do it.

    Hi All,

    Lots of people agreeing.
    singhsa3, since you started it, finalize on what we all need to do.



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  • Kodi
    06-04 01:09 PM
    Thanks Pappu. What kind of hurdles do u think?

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  • santb1975
    06-02 09:51 PM
    We need 2194$ to reach 20K


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  • abhijitp
    07-06 10:04 AM
    Hello Julia,

    Thank you very much for your excellent coverage of this issue. Tens of thousands of legal immigrants were affected by this decision, and at least hundreds of dollars wasted by every applicant. The loss of opportunity because of this abrupt door-shutting act is of course much more, but we demand that at least these monetary damages are taken note of, and paid for. Ideally, the government agencies that slammed the door on us should accept our applications, and thereby keep the promise they made to us on June 13, 2007.
    If you need more information on how this event has affected me and my fellow prospective legal immigrants, please visit, a non profit organization that is working for the rights of prospective legal immigrants to the USA.

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  • suavesandeep
    05-29 01:48 PM
    I don't want to argue either.

    In my case, I saved $400 per month as I got mine on 4.5% interest rate. If I got mine on 6% interest rate, I would have paid $144,000 more in the entire duration of my loan. I can't say enough on the value of my house because it is the lowest compared to all my neighbors with same model. The location has the best school district in the city and the elementary school is 3 blocks away.

    Refinancing is a tricky part of this game. Refinancing is not always good because most of the time, you will start at month 1 again where the interest part is higher than the principal. It also has closing cost. One should only refinance if the difference is greater than 1%. 1% is only break even.

    I am not saying all others should buy now. What I am saying is that we cannot say it's not a good time to buy either. It depends on where you're buying.
    Agree with you. Was just offering some more perspective. Personally i dont see mortgage interest rates going north of 6% for a long time (say next 3 years at the minimum).
    Reason being the dynamics are really different this time around.Fed has bought tons of treasury bonds this time to keep the interest rates low over a long period of time. Why is treasury bonds important because they have long term implications and mortgage companies use this as a important tool to decide interest rates.

    Odd of a L shaped recovery are also high. This is an old article but good reading


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  • manishs7
    07-15 09:46 PM
    Newport Beach, Orange County......

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  • GCplease
    03-13 12:33 PM
    Received an email from CRIS yesterday. They have issued a FRE on my I-485. I can not think of anything. My immigration history is clean, no status issues, ever. I remember submitting all the docs during July fiasco. I am waiting for the actual RFE letter to arrive.

    Only good part is - there is someone "OUT THERE" who looked at my file.

    I can see that your 485 recipt date should be around 7/25/07 which is around mine.

    Was your 485 transferred to TSC or NSC ? If so, did the Transfer notice have a different Receipt date ?

    I am just trying to figure out when they may get to my case. My 485 Recipt date was 7/31/09 and then it was transferred to TSC and the transfer notice had a receipt date of 10/1/09. Not sure if they'd consider the Receipt date in the 485 Receipt or the 485 Transfer Notice.

    The reason for my my anxiety is, I provided a change of Address (more than 200 miles) to USCIS and am wondering if I'd get a rfe.



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  • ab_tak_chappan
    08-15 08:53 PM
    do u expect people to stick around even they get their GC? come on dude.. once anyone gets a GC they start working towards their next target. I don't see anything wrong in it:D:D
    True, once the people realize that they are close to GC they forget all tasks and move on to the other forums (R2I or USC or whatever) there are very few who actually stay on and help add this to the fact that most of the EB3-I's got fed up with the nonsense going on (most were only looking for a sounding board to voice their dismay, instead they were reminded of the caste system). So EB2's stop working because their PD is current and EBs stop because there is little hope/chance/help. We can dissect the VB as much as we want, the fact of the matter is that EB3 as a whole and EB3 (india &China) in particular are screwed big time. There is hope in the Logfren bills but the congress seems to have other 'important' issues to discuss.

    We should take the campaign to a new level move from individuals to involving groups and compaines. They have more money and power to make things move. EB3 & EB2 discussions will go on for ever, we can either decide to wallow in our sorrow or do something. Lets identify groups who can help us and write to them. Each EB should talk to his/her HR and ask them to write a letter to their congressman/Senator it will have a bigger impact.

    What are your thoughts?

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  • eb3retro
    07-11 12:33 PM
    i will ask the iv folks who keep in touch with USCIS if they know anything. AFAIK though, USCIS has come out with no answers other than quoting the non availability of adequate visa numbers. if there is any more info i will let you know...

    paskal, thanks for the reply. whats very frustrating for me is, these guys mess up so badly and they get away with no trace , we all know that this happened in the past and probably is happening currently too. All we are asking is a fair FIFO method and proper usage of visa numbers with transparency. The mere fact that they are not transparent raises many doubts in many minds. And these questions are not coming from those people who filed for their greecards an year or 2 ago..i just read a post in this same thread that this person has been waiting for his green card for 10 years...this is the height of ridiculousness and there is a limit for our patience, and this is it...


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  • skillet
    06-22 01:51 PM
    I know they have been saying this from Mid May. Lets see. I guess HOPE is the only answer!!

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  • eb3july2003
    04-17 08:13 PM
    All the best AllVNeedGcPc. I completely understand how difficult it would be to wait for this last step without knowing what is happening.

    1. Here are the email addresses that I used. Got a response from the NSC email address after three days that I need to wait for 60 days and have to send a written request.


    2. Yes, my lawyer did send a explicit letter. Bottom line on that letter was "A request is hereby made to interfile the latest I-140 approval with his "A" file. Kindly make sure that the applicant's pending I-485 file reflects the new I-140 approval which has a priority date of July 8 2003 and it reflects classification under Sec. 203 (b) (2).

    3. Also I didn't mention one other thing on the original post was that I have placed multiple call to 800-375-5283 to make sure that my I-485 is processed as EB2.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any further information.


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  • SouthSky
    06-02 12:50 PM
    My PD EB3 01/15/2005
    Applied I140 PP 05/18/2007
    Approved I140 05/23/2007

    Man I am screwed

    I received good news on June 1, 2007 that my I-140 is approved. It was received by USCIS on May 22, 2007. Then later that day I saw the new immigration bill. If this very unreasonable bill (EB backlog) will be passed the wasting of all the money, time, stress, anxiety and hope towards the GC procedure will make the whole thing look like a bitter joke. This is beyong my wildest imagination on how bad things can go since we are all hard-working and law-abiding legal immigrants. Is it a punishment for being a good member of society?

    I'm praying that it will not be given any consideration by those who have powers.

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  • smuggymba
    08-12 01:08 PM
    The impact to companies like Infy etc is ~5-10MM

    If someone look at their last year Balance sheet, They spent appx 16MM on visas, now assuming H1 cost came to ~10MM (these companies do lot of business elsewhere )

    that would translate to ~ 2500 filings (including extn, new etc)

    this additional $2000 would result in additional $5MM cost if they decide to continue filing 2500

    This would not be too huge to make a dent on these companies. yes they may increase their billing to client by $2-5

    So who is ultimately paying it is the American companies who use offshoring companies.

    This new law:

    1.) won't stop Infy, TCS from operating in USA

    2.) Won't create jobs for americans

    3.) Won't increase the competitiveness of american employees

    4.) Will increase offshoring

    5.) Will make a small dent in the profits of Indian companies but they likely will cut down on expenses/bonuseses/initiatives

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  • Milind123
    09-14 10:59 AM
    A quick message and request�
    I did not check all the posts today. Will tend to it in the evening. If it disappears off the screen, someone, please bump it. Thanks

    07-15 10:21 PM
    Dear So Cal members.

    nice to see good activity on the forum. Please hold on from holding any rally until you hear from IV core. We have some good synergy amongst or members in So Cal, lets plan a meeting in the coming weeks and decide on an action plan. I would encourage you to start thinking about ideas/specific actions we can take. I have a few ideas and would share it on our so cal email distribution list. Who can take the initiative to organize this meeting? Twinbrothers? any one else? Pls P.M me.

    08-02 05:24 PM
    This link which is giving prediction for Oct, 2007 looks totally off to me.

    if you see his EB3 predictions he is saying it will be close to to Jan 2007.

    Where in Jan 2007 EB3 China was Aug 2002 not April 2005.

    Don't know what is the reasoning behind these predictions.

    Dude, HE says dates of Jan 2007 not date being Jan 2007. So the PD will be Jan8, 2003

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