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  • pappu
    08-01 12:58 PM
    Hello everyone,

    IV would like to submit op-ed articles written by IV members to various newspapers and websites . It maybe one more avenue for us to get our voices heard and generate awareness for our cause.

    We would like to invite members who have good writing skills and can volunteer to write a few op-ed pieces for us. The information material is available on the resources section of the IV website. Let us know if you need any further information.I feel it should be as long as the yahoo news op-eds
    You can choose to either bring out the human angle/statistical analysis/legislative issue/contributions by immigrants/or a combination of all. It depends on what you are most comfortable with and if you have a particular educational qualification/skill/job experience/family experience due to long GC wait you can choose to add that.

    Please send this op-ed to me or the media team if you are interested.

    for those who want to know what an op-ed is pls visit

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  • blackberry
    07-05 03:03 PM
    Sent email to GA senators.


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  • karan2004m
    01-08 05:43 PM
    what is this "professor-ji" all about?
    are you his student or relative? y r u getting personal about a conversation.

    For all the bad things you people have been saying about Professor-ji, you should read this great article he wrote for Businessweek.

    Business Week
    SEPTEMBER 14, 2006

    By Vivek Wadhwa

    Are Indians the Model Immigrants?

    A columnist and accomplished businessman, Wadhwa shares his views on why Indians are such a successful immigrant group

    They have funny accents, occasionally dress in strange outfits, and some wear turbans and grow beards, yet Indians have been able to overcome stereotypes to become the U.S.'s most successful immigrant group. Not only are they leaving their mark in the field of technology, but also in real estate, journalism, literature, and entertainment. They run some of the most successful small businesses and lead a few of the largest corporations. Valuable lessons can be learned from their various successes.

    According to the 2000 Census, the median household income of Indians was $70,708—far above the national median of $50,046. An Asian-American hospitality industry advocacy group says that Indians own 50% of all economy lodging and 37% of all hotels in the U.S. AnnaLee Saxenian, a dean and professor at University of California, Berkeley, estimates that in the late 1990s, close to 10% of technology startups in Silicon Valley were headed by Indians.

    You'll find Indian physicians working in almost every hospital as well as running small-town practices. Indian journalists hold senior positions at major publications, and Indian faculty have gained senior appointments at most universities. Last month, Indra Nooyi, an Indian woman, was named CEO of PepsiCo (PEP ) (see, 8/14/06, "PepsiCo Shakes It Up").

    A MODEST EXPLANATION. Census data show that 81.8% of Indian immigrants arrived in the U.S. after 1980. They received no special treatment or support and faced the same discrimination and hardship that any immigrant group does. Yet, they learned to thrive in American society. Why are Indians such a model immigrant group?

    In the absence of scientific research, I'll present my own reasons for why this group has achieved so much. As an Indian immigrant myself, I have had the chance to live the American dream. I started two successful technology companies and served on the boards of several others. To give back, I co-founded the Carolinas chapter of a networking group called The Indus Entrepreneurs and mentored dozens of entrepreneurs.

    Last year, I joined Duke University as an executive-in-residence to share my business experience with students (see, 9/14/05, "Degrees of Achievement") and research how the U.S. can maintain its global competitive advantage (see, 7/10/06, "Engineering Gap? Fact and Fiction").

    1. Education. The Census Bureau says that 63.9% of Indians over 25 hold at least a bachelor's degree, compared with the national average of 24.4%. Media reports routinely profile graduates from one Indian college—the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). This is a great school, but most successful Indians I know aren't IIT graduates. Neither are the doctors, journalists, motel owners, or the majority of technology executives. Their education comes from a broad range of colleges in India and the U.S. They believe that education is the best way to rise above poverty and hardship.

    2. Upbringing. For my generation, what was most socially acceptable was to become a doctor, engineer, or businessperson. Therefore, the emphasis was on either learning science or math or becoming an entrepreneur.

    3. Hard work. With India's competitive and rote-based education system, children are forced to spend the majority of their time on their schooling. For better or for worse, it's work, work, and more work for anyone with access to education.

    4. Determination to overcome obstacles. In a land of over a billion people with a corrupt government, weak infrastructure, and limited opportunities, it takes a lot to simply survive, let alone get ahead. Indians learn to be resilient, battle endless obstacles, and make the most of what they have. In India, you're on your own and learn to work around the problems that the state and society create for you.

    5. Entrepreneurial spirit. As corporate strategist C.K. Prahalad notes in his interview with BusinessWeek's Pete Engardio (see, 1/23/06, "Business Prophet"), amidst the poverty, hustle, and bustle of overcrowded India is a "beehive of entrepreneurialism and creativity." After observing street markets, Prahalad says that "every individual is engaged in a business of some kind—whether it is selling single cloves of garlic, squeezing sugar cane juice for pennies a glass, or hauling TVs." This entrepreneurial sprit is something that most Indians grow up with.

    6. Recognizing diversity. Indians hold many ethnic, racial, gender, and caste biases. But to succeed, they learn to overlook or adapt these biases when necessary. There are six major religions in India, and the Indian constitution recognizes 22 regional languages. Every region in the country has its own customs and character.

    7. Humility. Talk to almost any immigrant, regardless of origin, and he will share stories about leaving social status behind in his home country and working his way up from the bottom of the ladder in his adopted land. It's a humbling process, but humility is an asset in entrepreneurship. You learn many valuable lessons when you start from scratch and work your way to success.

    8. Family support/values. In the absence of a social safety net, the family takes on a very important role in Indian culture. Family members provide all kinds of support and guidance to those in need.

    9. Financial management. Indians generally pride themselves on being fiscally conservative. Their businesses usually watch every penny and spend within their means.

    10. Forming and leveraging networks. Indians immigrants found that one of the secrets to success was to learn from those who had paved the trails (see, 6/6/05, "Ask for Help and Offer It").

    Some examples: Successful Indian technologists in Silicon Valley formed an organization called The Indus Entrepreneurs to mentor other entrepreneurs and provide a forum for networking. TiE is reputed to have helped launch hundreds of startups, some of which achieved billions in market capitalization. This was a group I turned to when I needed help.

    Top Indian journalists and academics created the South Asian Journalists Association (SAJA) to provide networking and assistance to newcomers. SAJA runs journalism conferences and workshops, and provides scholarships to aspiring South-Asian student journalists.

    In the entertainment industry, fledgling filmmakers formed the South Asian American Films and Arts Association (SAAFA). Their mission is the promotion of South Asian cinematic and artistic endeavors, and mentoring newcomers.

    11. Giving back. The most successful entrepreneurs I know believe in giving back to the community and society that has given them so much opportunity. TiE founders invested great effort to ensure that their organization was open, inclusive, and integrated with mainstream American society. Their No. 1 rule was that their charter members would give without taking. SAJA officers work for top publications and universities, yet they volunteer their evenings and weekends to run an organization to assist newcomers.

    12. Integration and acceptance. The Pew Global Attitudes Project, which conducts worldwide public opinion surveys, has shown that Indians predominantly hold favorable opinions of the U.S. When Indians immigrate to the U.S, they usually come to share the American dream and work hard to integrate.

    Indians have achieved more overall business success in less time in the U.S. than any other recent immigrant group. They have shown what can be achieved by integrating themselves into U.S. society and taking advantage of all the opportunities the country offers.

    Wadhwa, the founder of two software companies, is an Executive-in-Residence/Adjunct Professor at Duke University. He is also the co-founder of TiE Carolinas, a networking and mentoring group.

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  • kumar1305
    02-24 04:12 PM
    Interesting discussion...

    My point - I am going to take things in a stride, basically wait till I can - doesn't hurt me as long as I go about my daily routine.

    All who are thinking of jumping the fence and giving up, one piece of advice - if you do not have kids and plan to have any in this life, please do it NOW - have them be born here (all of them) and then move on with whatever / wherever you want to go.

    At least this is a gift you will be giving your kids for their lifetime and all the generations following them (remember - a US citizen's kid can be a US citizen no matter where he/she is born) - so you will be arranging US citizenship for all your great^n * grand * kids (0 <= n <= infinity) !

    This is how I think about it when I do not think about MYSELF. Once the kids are born, you can flaunt their American Passports and feel happy in their well-being and security (for whatever it is worth) and move on to Canada / India / Singapore / wherever! Live happily.

    And do not forget your kids can sponsor you when they are 21.


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  • bsbawa10
    03-17 09:12 PM
    Many H1s like me have their non-working spouses on H4 visa who are not given SSNs. Do we not pay taxes ? Do we not pay Social security ? We do, and therefore we should also be eligible for the Stimulus package. Indeed my son is autistic and disabled but we are not eligible for any kind of aid but we pay tons of taxes and social security. It is highly non-justified think. I know people will argue a lot if it is compared to slavery. But it is a "modern form of slavery". Yes, we are in this country with our own will but that is what they are making use of.

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  • geesee
    07-18 04:21 PM
    Made my first (small) contribution of $100 today !!
    Google order no. - 952531454379821

    Many thanks to all of IV members !!!


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  • vaishnavilakshmi
    08-07 12:15 PM
    hi all,

    USCIS has edited the reciept update of NEBRASKA EMPLOYMENT BASED I-485 TO 7/1/07.please go thru this link.This means it is still looking after the june end applications for reciepts.


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  • newbee7
    07-06 06:45 AM
    Please digg

    Also, please digg and add comments.


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  • immi_twinges
    07-20 03:01 PM
    Lest contact USINPAC!!!!!!!

    Lest see what they can do...

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  • hopefullegalimmigrant
    01-20 10:40 PM
    Hello All - Got AP on Friday. What a delay. Hope everyone else gets the documents in time.


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  • Administrator2
    05-02 09:27 AM
    Here is the information sent to IV by Research Program Manager at NEU

    Thank you for sending excellent compilation of information on this subject. It is very helpful to understand the background of this issue.


    When Congress passed the Economic Stimulus Act in January, anti-immigrant pressure groups, such as FAIR, cried foul. FAIR claimed that the Act would put funds into the hands of illegal immigrants. They therefore petitioned for an amendment that would exclude taxpayers who file with an ITIN, which according to FAIR included many illegal immigrants (sic).

    After FAIR�s concerns were aired in the US media, the Senate amended the Act to require valid Social Security numbers on all tax returns qualifying for the stimulus payment. Families who file jointly are excluded from ANY payment if one of the taxpayers on the form filed with an ITIN. As a result, thousands of Military families and an even larger number of legal US residents will receive no stimulus payment. Consider a report in a military newspaper about a family of five stationed overseas. The father is a foreign citizen who filed a joint return using an ITIN. Now the entire family will not receive the stimulus check, even though the mother (a US soldier) and her three children are US citizens.

    In Japan, thousands of military families face the same situation.

    The solution, according to some, is to amend the tax return and file separately. However, by excluding the ITIN holders from the tax return, the head of household must forgo claiming them as dependents. The end result has little or no benefit in most cases because to receive the stimulus payment, the taxpayer must agree to pay more in taxes.

    Foreign born workers who live in the US are also affected. Many have lived in the US for years and have been dutifully paying taxes and contributing to the US economy. However, a large number have family members who do not have Visas that permit them to work (Laws that prevent dependents of immigrants from working in the US already places these families at an economic disadvantage). As a result, they are not eligible for a SSN and must file their tax returns using ITIN numbers. Even though these families are faced with the same challenges as their American born neighbors, they will receive no tax relief because of the ITIN exclusion.

    The only way to get the stimulus payment is to obtain a Social Security Number for �non-work� purposes. The SSA may issue an SSN to an alien under the following provision:

    20 C.F.R. � 422.104(a)(3)

    (i) You need a social security number to satisfy a Federal statute or regulation that requires you to have a social security number in order to receive a Federally-funded benefit to which you have otherwise established entitlement and you reside either in or outside the U.S.;

    The Social Security Administration is required by federal law to issue Social Security Numbers to legal aliens who require them to receive federally funded benefits under Section 205(c)(2)(B)(i)(II) of the Social Security Act, which states that the Social Security Administration is required to assign an SSN to �any individual who is an applicant for or recipient of a benefit funded in whole or in part with Federal funds.�

    Here are some links to documents from official Senate and House websites (,, which refer to the stimulus payment as a benefit.


    Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House

    �Residents of the U.S. territories will also receive the benefit.�

    Johnny Isakson, United States Senator from Georgia

    The benefit would phase out for single people earning more than $75,000 a year and married couples earning more than $150,000.

    Johnson (GA04) | Press Release | Rep. Johnson Votes to Stimulate Economy

    Americans who earned at least $3,000 in 2007 will receive the benefit, including Social Security recipients and 250,000 disabled veterans. Higher income taxpayers are not eligible and the relief phases out above incomes of $75,000 for a single earner and $150,000 for married couples.

    Senator Robert Menendez | Newsroom

    �Today's event is a chance to spread the word so that everyone is aware of the steps they need to take to receive this benefit.�

    News | Senator Pete V. Domenici

    This benefit would help an estimated 20 million seniors and 250,000 disabled veterans.


    The 2008 tax instructions will include a worksheet to help those who did not qualify for a payment or those who received a reduced amount determine if they can obtain a benefit when they file their 2008 tax returns next year.

    Senate Finance Committee

    020808 Econ Stim Staff Summary.pdf (application/pdf Object)

    The amount of the credit is phased out at a rate of 5% of adjusted gross income beginning at $75,000 ($150,000 in the case of joint returns). Residents of the U.S. possessions will also receive the benefit�

    The law also clearly states that qualified recipients of this benefit must have social security numbers to receive these funds. No other identification number is considered permissible. SEC. 6428 (h) (2) �Identification Number Requirement� states, �For purposes of paragraph (1), the term `valid identification number' means a social security number issued to an individual by the Social Security Administration. Such term shall not include a TIN issued by the Internal Revenue Service.�

    According to SSA document 20 CFR Part 422 [Reg. No. 22] RIN 0960-AF05 Evidence Requirements for Assignment of Social Security Numbers (SSNs); Assignment of SSNs for Nonwork Purposes, a �valid non-work purpose� results when the �law requires an alien who is legally in the U.S. to have an SSN in order to receive general public assistance benefits (i.e., a public benefit that is means-tested) to which the alien has established Entitlement.�

    The means-testing provision of H.R. 5140, the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 is stated in SEC. 6428 (d) Limitation Based on Adjusted Gross Income.

    The federal government has also defined H.R. 5140 as a form of financial relief to persons who fall within certain income categories. According to a Whitehouse publication explaining the means-testing provision of H.R. 5140, �This relief would be available to everyone with adjusted gross income less than $75,000 for singles and $150,000 for married couples filing jointly. It will be phased out for taxpayers above those income thresholds. Taxpayers may qualify by filing a tax return for 2007 and including a valid Social Security number on their tax return.� [Fact Sheet: Bipartisan Growth Package Will Help Protect Our Nation's Economic Health, Office of the Press Secretary, February 13, 2008,].

    Lawmakers included the identification requirements to HR.5140 under the belief that all legal residents of the United States will hold Social Security numbers. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the Commissioner of Social Security to �take affirmative measures to assure that social security account numbers will, to the maximum extent practicable, be assigned to all members of appropriate groups or categories of individuals by assigning such numbers� [Section 205(c)(2)(B)(i)] and that all qualified individuals receive �financial relief� under H.R. 5140 according to the stated will and intention of the United States Congress and Senate (as described in the links above).

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  • immig4me
    05-04 08:57 AM
    This campaign starts at 4:00 PM EST on 29th April, 2010 and will run until the end of next week. We request all IV members to call the Senate offices listed below between 9:00 AM EST and 5:00 PM EST.

    So, this Campaign runs for another 3 days, IV members need to pick up the phones and start calling. Remember, if no bill is put forth before the end of May, it will be legislatively impossible to take CIR this year.

    It all boils down to, how much are we willing to help our own cause.


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  • Edison99
    02-03 02:55 PM
    Congrats and good luck with your GC process !

    9years: So finally did you have to send the interfiling request, or they approved it automatically.

    - My EB2 140 got approved 2 weeks ago (with July 03 PD), but still no LUD on my 485.
    - I placed a Service Request last week on my pending 485, which resulted in a soft LUD on my EB2 140 but nothing on 485.

    I just wanted to know if you also had to send the interfiling request just like VayuMahesh.


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  • canleo98
    08-12 01:00 AM
    What BEC? BECs were established in March 2005.

    BEC= Backlog Elimination Center, theywere for elimination of backlogs for LC's:o


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    04-30 03:04 PM
    SO IF they move PD's to 2006 dec then there is aposibility that all 2006 pd 's get GC's before 2001 pd's.:mad:

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  • chi_shark
    09-11 04:59 PM
    If you are from india, think of the parrot who can pull out your life from a set of tarot cards... thats how it works!

    You just asked the million dollar question. I can tell you with close to a certainty that no one here can give you a 100% correct answer.


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  • Saralayar
    01-03 05:40 PM
    I also got email confirmation today for AP document mailed on Jan3.

    I filed on Aug 7 or 8th.

    I also got the same message. But it says document mailed and not as Travel Document approved. What does this mean?. IS the AP approved or any RFE on the AP??:confused:

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  • chanduy9
    07-06 12:31 PM
    Thank god(USICS)... they haven't changed the visa making every thing "U":D

    Send flowers on JULY 10TH.


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  • akp
    07-20 12:30 PM
    I don't believe all 750000 are EAD wannabies!

    06-18 10:54 AM
    Hope not, we never thought that this will be current so soon. so my gut feeling is that we all should be fine up until Sep end.

    Good luck for you and all!

    03-12 04:45 PM
    Just got the email that Card Production Ordered. I hope it means the GC has been approved. Do any of you know of any situation like this?

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