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  • punjabi
    08-13 04:52 PM
    Hi buddyinus,

    We all are going through hard time, but we do not need to display our hard feelings for someone through the forum! If you are upset at someone or if you have complains, email the Admin or a Super Moderator.

    Do not write rude. Be a little professional at your behavior and communicate professionally.

    Now, the fool is trying to change the subject by asking ppl to join the rally. Why in the world wud ppl trust him? The thread is barely 10 pages and after realizing that therez no point in discussing about what this thread is all about, he has shifted subject loyalites. How lame and insane is this guy? Pappu, LogicLife where r u guyz? Why dont u ban him?

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  • piliriver
    03-21 03:23 PM
    @AllVNeedGCPC : Did you get any updates on I-485

    @gene77 : When was your I-140 approved and what is your priority date.


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  • sweet_jungle
    04-28 11:00 AM
    As far as I remember, I (from California) was able to renew the license by mail. I did not have to go to DMV. So, these issues about I-797/I-94 needed for DL, are they coming up during a new DL or during renewal of license?

    In California they don't accept any other document for the renewal of your DL other than the new I94- I think someone said I 907 and they are right because I 94 is olnly a portion of the whole page.

    We filed premium for the extension and the company is paying for it, but it still takes 3-4 weeks until the lawyer is gonna prepare the package and send it to us. Unfortunately, I don't have a home country DL that I could use between the gaps and this is a great burden for my husband who has to deal with a very demanding job and take the kids everywhere.

    I feel imprisoned for just wanting a better life for my family and my kids and I don't think the treatment that the legal immigrants get in US is fair. I was a legal immigrant in 2 diffrent countries in Europe and although you might not be able to get blended in the crowd as easy as here, you will be treated with more regard for human rights( like the right to work or to drive).-this is our 7th year here and I can't work.

    Before belonging to a cultlure or a country, we all belong to the humankind, whith the same needs and dreams and people should remember that first - they are not talking about immigrants or legals or illegals or numbers EB3, H1B and other labels, but people whose time is ticking and gets away from them with every second that passes. We are here because this country was build by people like us and we belong here, so please, if someone who was lucky enough to be born here reads this message, consider our situation and let our voice reach the people who need to hear it.

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  • add78
    06-20 10:30 AM
    Is there no one here who has a few $ to donate to the organization that gave them so much back, just think about how lucky some of you were to be able to file 485 last july! That alone should be enough reason to donate! Please, please give back to the community that gives you so much in return!
    Do what you can
    At least do the action items and call the representatives.
    Thousands of legal immigrants waiting in EB queues and yet we can't reach even $20K. Let's change this perspective. Please donate in your good conscience.

    Thank You.


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  • Mexican tattoos are symbolic.

  • diptam
    08-13 02:24 PM
    Thanks - I'll write a mail to the HR head to release 7001 on my request and will mention that they don't have to take responsibility. Enough is enough - i got another 2 yr H extension in July 08 so i should be good,anyway.

    I'll keep you guys posted when i receive 7001 from HR by mail and i'll send it to Ombudsman office (along with that cover letter) immediately.

    You should be fine. Everything we are doing is legal. We are not doing anything illegal by requesting Ombudsman's office to look into this processing delays.

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  • arnab221
    06-21 01:35 PM

    This has been there since a long time . Every new process has its backes and the resisters . The president of the US resisted the telephone also when Edison invented it . Relax don't lose your sleep about it . Atlanta is backlogged due to the incompetence and heavy workload of workers there . nothing more , nothing less .


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  • skd
    07-06 01:04 PM
    when did your lawyer told you that . today ?

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  • pani_6
    06-05 09:55 AM
    What happens to people on EAD and AP...what would happen to thier status...This law does not make sense..I think it may be for people who have not filed for I-485..

    Why take all the approved application and create another backlog..although Congress passes law ..its upto USCIS to intrepret it so that it makes sense to them and then apply it...

    It will create unneccesary Choas if people again have to start from scratch after waiting for 5-8 years...and with the back loga they have right can safely assume that this it not affact majority of us


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  • susie
    07-07 01:33 AM
    Maybe you can share your situation so we can see if we can shed any light on your childs case

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  • Kodi
    06-29 02:40 PM
    From what I see, they're still processing February.


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  • reddog
    03-12 03:09 PM
    reddog, please explain how you have supported IV in the past in non-monetary ways. For lobbying, there is not much you can do other than support monetarily,or make trips to DC yourself.
    I am sure IV core will at least consider such non-monetary support on case-by-case basis.

    no, i am not going to switch to defensive mode. this is not about me.

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  • indianabacklog
    07-28 10:32 PM
    Age Out Issue for filing I-485: Gurus, please advise me on the age out issue of my son.
    (1) Dates & Calculations effecting filing I_485: Here are the dates and the calculations I did which result in effective age of �21 yrs + 1 month + 1 day� thus making it Age-out issue for filing for I-485 for my son.

    (A) Priority date : Nov, 2005
    (B) I-140 receipt : 2/22/2006 I-140 approval : 3/22/2006
    (C) I-140 pending period : One month (too fast where it was not a help!)
    (I-140 was approved in my son�s 20th year � however, I learned that it is not of any help for filing his I-485)
    (D) Applied for I-485 (for rest of family � not for son) (Thanks to IV) : First week of July 2007
    (E) DOB of son : 3/30/1986
    (F) Currant age : 21 yrs + 4 months (Currently on F1 and doing his under grad in US)
    (G) Date to be considered for determining the age for filing I-485 : 6/1/2007
    (since the monthly bulletin is released on 6/12/2007)
    (H) Age as on above date (6/1/2007) : 21 yrs + 2 month + 1 day
    (I) Benefit from CSPA :(I-140) pending days (C) : 1 month
    (J) Effective age for filing I-485 during current window : (H) � (J) : 21 yrs + 1 month + 1 day
    (2) Since, he aged out for filing for I-485 (also based on attorney�s calculation), his papers were not included and only papers for rest of the family were filed in July, 2007. Friends, is there any other interpretation of CSPA � which could be helpful in this scenario?

    (3) Other Particulars (which could potentially offer any other solution / advice): I am from India and in US from sep 1998 (change of employer forced me to restart my GC process) and my son entered USA in Oct 1999 at his 13 � yrs and stayed continuously & studied in USA from 9th standard. Currently, he is in final yr of under graduate study and is on F1 visa from March 2007 (after completing 21 yrs) paying high (2.5 times the instate fee) international student fee.

    (4) Can I do any thing in the current window when dates are current (until 8/17/07): Friends, if there is any way of filing his I-485, it will be of great help � since he could continue his graduate study at reasonable cost (at instate tuition fee). Are there any other options in this situation? Is there any possibility of I-485 getting receipted (if filed) � since he is supposed to have his PD frozen for his application for family based I-485 at parent�s PD (if applied with in one year of parent�s I-485?) (I am referring to a clause in CSPA � which states that the application will automatically be converted to family based I-485 if applied with in one year � Of course, these dates are not current now).

    (5) I am not aware of how many others are affected with age-out issue in EB based cases. Can we come together through IV and identify potential action items? Can IV and immigration community help in addressing the age-out issue in bills proposed to be introduced (like DREAM / SKILL etc�) now on� (Particularly since the percentage of affected people may be very low with less voice that could be heard). I am thankful to IV & the core team for their extraordinary efforts and shall be contributing my part shortly.

    Sorry for the long note � I thought the complexity of the issue needs it.

    Thx GCVir
    I am sorry to hear about another child aging out. Those not affected can not imagine the anguish it causes. I also had to start my green card a second time because my first I140 application was denied. I have tried every which way to find a way round this issue. Constantly posting every time another person posts on this situation. IV to this point do not seem to be motivated to address this. While the parents on here will eventually get their green cards, these adult children lose their path. In reality these children are the real victims of labor backlogs and retrogression and it would be useful to use these instances to illustrate the misery that results from the backlogs and waiting periods. I am not down playing the plight of spouses who have to wait to be able to work, since my husband has been waiting (not always patiently) for eight years, so do understand this side of the problem as much as anyone else.

    Please IV see this issue for what it is and that is a very real human issue that is destroying families. It could be used to everyone's advantage and highlight the human side of the broken employment based immigration system.


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  • bskrishna
    07-11 02:32 PM
    bang on the money... i think this is just another ingenious way for USCIS to milk us :mad:

    I do not think CIS has that much smartness in them. Different sections seem to go about the motions on their own schedule. They seem to be an uncoordinated bunch so far.

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  • santb1975
    05-31 02:43 PM
    That is awesome

    $50 recurring sent to IV yesterday.

    .................................................. ...
    $320 + $50 recurring

    Proud to be an IVian. GO IV GO..


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  • Caliber
    03-12 12:58 PM
    I support the donor idea. But there is no transperency to who is leading what initative. If i want to contribute my time, i have to read through the posts every day for several hours to find who is leading the effort so i can discuss with them. Sometimes i feel there is so much more talk. Why don't we list out the initiatives that is being considered or worked on. Along with some contact information so people can discuss offline with them. I cannot be online for several hours and read through all the discussions and still not find out who is coordinating the efforts.

    Dear Vin13,

    Thanks for the idea. May I request you to please inform every one here, number of hours that you can spend volunteering for IV? I ONLY contributed DOLLARS, but never contributed TIME and I feel ashamed of that. There are many people who have contributed both dollars and time.

    If you promise some time volunteering to IV for all the ideas that you listed, I am PROMISING to contribute DOLLARS for you. Are you ready? If so, please send email to IV core.

    Thanks again for the idea.

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  • ashutrip
    06-19 10:09 AM
    Also, please contact this person:

    Helen Parker
    Regional Administrator
    U.S. Department of Labor/ETA
    Atlanta Federal Center 61 Forsyth St. Rm. 6M12
    Atlanta,GA 30303
    Phone: (404) 562-2092
    Fax: (404) 562-2149

    Send faxes and call to request them to process our PERM applications. Please act now, if not we will miss the bus.
    i just called her she passed the buck to 404 893 0101


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  • julsun
    01-03 12:01 PM
    I checked with NSC today regarding our AP filed on Oct 8th, 2007. I was told that they are processing September 16th right now and it would be few weeks before they get to mine.


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  • austingc
    04-28 01:58 PM

    I just applied for a mortgage from BOA. The loan officer did not recognize what AOS was and asked me for an H1B - which has expired.

    I explained about AOS and EAD and told her I could give the I-485 receipt, and she took in my application.
    But I'm worried that my loan will be denied after underwriting - my closing is on 5/26 and I probably will not hear from the bank until second week of may.

    Does anyone know of Banks in MA that give loans to EAD?

    I am going to close with BOA next week. They do know what is AOS means. I provided them my EAD copy and I-94 thats it.

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  • ArkBird
    09-04 05:09 PM
    You are 100% right but no one thought their Labor/GC pain will last THIS long. The most unfortunate/unlucky part in this whole journey was 245(i) amnesty in 2001. This is a tsunami which choked the labor pipe (Remember the good old days of Backlog Reduction Center and quest for that elusive screen shot from the BRC for case? :) ) & imbalanced the demand/supply equilibrium for EB3. This is the reason the variable of priority date became constant and stuck to 2001..

    I think there is more smartness needed than luck in the greencard process. If you look at the posts in this thread there are some people that came to USA in 1990s and still waiting, while some that came much later are on their way to citizenship. Some got the EB2 route and are happy and some in EB3 have only gloom before them.

    This in my opinion has helped smart folks among us:

    - They applied for GC as soon as possible. Those who waited did not give importance to Greencard as soon as they started a job in USA are now paying for their mistakes. During the initial days of career I have seen people saying that GC is not important to them etc but when their H1B is about to expire they panic and get desperate for Green Card.

    - Before pre-PERM era in 2005, smart folks took up jobs in states where labor certification had no backlog. They are now either waiting for citizenship or already citizens. On the other hand people in states like CA, NY etc suffered due to labor backlogs and far from getting greencard in hand.

    - Any company can be good or bad for an individual. It it not a question of consulting vs fortune 500 or small vs big size of a company. Smart folks know what matters them the most when they join a company. When company sees them as a valuable asset, it applies for them. I have seen where company applied for GC as soon as the employee joined it. And I have seen posts where people had to wait for several years before company applied.

    - People who took advantage of the Labor substitution got faster labors. Some could take advantage of EB2 labors and they are very fortunate. This is in no way endorsing the labor substitution rule, but in pre 2007 times nobody was protesting against it. This is a sad reality.

    - Smart folks took the risk and changed jobs wth EB2 job requirements, so that they can file in EB2. Such folks with 2007 PD are happy today and people with 2003 PDs in EB3 will have to wait for a long time.

    - If you read posts on this thread, many people have posted that they feel they are being screwed by their employer or lawyer. But hardly anyone has said they took any action against it. This is also a sad reality where we as a community have failed and will continue to suffer.

    - Many folks have said that they thought they were in EB2. But found they are in EB3. This shows another weakness of our community and lack of awareness. IV forum tries to spread the awareness but unless an individual takes initiative, they will suffer.

    Many people were able to file I485 in July 2007 due to IV effort. Imagine a 2004 EB3 India person without EAD today? How will he survive a job loss on H1B in a bad economy? We should take a lesson from that event and try for another big push. There is no other shortcut for us. It is shocking to find people on this thread that are in this country for more than 10 years and without a green card. These folks should be the most vocal folks in this effort.


    07-20 06:37 PM
    July filers SCREAMED for the right to simultaneously file after the government realized they had to reneg on their bulletin precisely because they could NOT cope with these numbers. AILA screamed that it had to do it or they would sue.

    Well it's done. Happy now?

    I remember talking of how the all current bulletin was a big mistake in the first place because of the jam it would create and i was shot down for suggesting such a thing.

    And now the massive backlog is the result.

    You can't have your cake and eat it too.

    No sooner do some get the right to file for EAD than they are bitching about how long it will take to get it.

    I urge you to show some patience. Receipting alone is taking monumental amounts of time. So chill, focus on other things and enjoy whatever privileges you have.

    Rampant speculation built on figures from people like Mathew Oh and assumptions about how and when resources are allocated to EAD processing are just one assumption built upon another. They do nothing but terrify people.

    It's hard waiting. I came here in 2000. Still I wait. Almost 8 years now. And I hate it. But make no mistake about it. We are, for now at least, guests in this country and we have all, almost without exception, learned early in this process that there would be many frustrating delays.

    One thing people forget is that the USCIS is WHOLLY self funded. This pre-fee-raise deluge just knocked 250 million out of the operating budget. And we wanted it that way. Now, sadly, we'll need to show some patience.

    Perhaps with a little luck, they will again introduce interim EADs from local SA offices. Keep your fingers crossed.

    thats one way to look at it. The other way to see this is that:

    - given enough people making noise its possible to get DOS/USCIS to make changes and fix things. this has now been proven.

    -there is a lot more visibility for EB related issues now, so much better chance of recapture or exemption for spouses from VB calculations etc.

    - instead of focus being on filing 485 without visa numbers (which is what IV focussed on for a while) everyone will now focus right at the root of the problem. All 500K are now focussed on solving the main issue.

    09-04 08:10 AM
    i feel sad for our country of birth which is in such a bad shape that we would rather be exploited and wait 10+ yrs for GC in USA than go back!!!

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