Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • vdlrao
    06-10 10:56 AM
    The July 2008 Visa Bulletin has said Exactly the same, but in different words, what I have been saying for the past few months about the EB2-India and EB3-India Movements.

    EB2 India will move very fast till 01 JAN 06 as because based on June 2007 bulletin, just before the july fiasco,( ) the PD for China is 01 JAN 06. That means in EB2 Category except India and China every other country is current. So till India reaches 01 JAN 06 PD in EB2, all the spill overs will be moved to EB2 India,because the spill overs will be alloted based on the priority of old PD(Priority Date). By the time India EB2 reaches 01 JAN 06, China PD in EB2 will move further from 01 JAN 06 by using its 7% quota. So Inidia PD for EB2 again moves fast till that changed China PD using the spill overs. After that India and China will share the spill overs based on the PD priority. All this happens if and only if the USCIS works effectively and uses all the available visa numbers for the present fiscal year. My prediction for EB2 India PD is it touch 2005 /even cross few months in 2005 by the end of this year if USCIS works effectively.

    For all Eb3s along with EB2s with PD after April 2005, the movement in the coming visa bulletins wont be much encoraging unless the new Obama government does something significant about employent based category or immigrationvoice does a fruitful lobbying. The doings of something by obama government to employment based category is not in our hands. The only thing we could do is to help IV and help ourrselves by contributing to it to reach its financial target for better lobbying. Or else wait for the Visa Bulletin every month with great hopes, sorry dreams, for your PD to become current, and satisfy with your EADs for years ahead.

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  • swo
    07-06 11:06 AM
    I agree with you 100%.

    The material damages to would-be July filers are a travesty. That is undeniable and deserves, at the minimum, material compensation.

    But making the bulletins current in the first place, instead of a making a measured movement in the priority dates was like trying to fill a glass of water with a firehose. Broken glass and severe water damage were sure to follow.

    Man, in frustration people do not even know what to say and what not! Be very careful of what you spin and what you say. From the looks of it, this stuff has every chance of spinning out of control and it may have already started the ball rolling.Think about it for a second!. Once it goes that way, trust me, we will all live to regret that.
    Yes, DHS approved upwards of 25000 GCs over the weekend, leading up to July 2nd. And some people are pissed off at that, err..why?
    Remember, those 25000 are one of us. Once,they too were in line for Labor certifications, I-140s, medical exams and all that crap. And some of them were in the so called "FBI Name check" black-hole for an extended period of time. We should be rejoicing in the fact that most of those backlogs got cleaned up. Instead we have people questioning the validity of those newly approved GCs.My dear friends, god willing, we will all have GCs one day and tell me, how would you feel if someone else comes screaming at you just because he did not get one too.
    Putting a "security lapse" spin on this could be very dangerous and should be avoided at any cost. I hope one of those anti-immigrant lobbies do not pick it up and start running with that. I prey that they do not revoke those already approved GCs, because if they do, then those poor 25000 souls will go through much more agony than what we are going through now.

    It's very tough to get the genie back in the bottle once it is out, so think before you start popping that cork.

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  • sam_hoosier
    03-19 12:10 PM
    Not sure if anyone else has faced this so wanted to put this out: I own a home and have a loan on it since 2003 (I was on H1 when i took the loan), now that the ARM is about to adjust i am in the market for refinance.

    There is however a question on all the loans underwritten by freddy/fanny asking for immigration status and if the answer is EAD the loan is denied. They even sent me an explanation of denial.....:confused:

    I was in the exact same boat 3-4 months ago. I had even paid $ 400 for appraisal and at the last minute the lender backed out.

    However, I have managed to secure refinancing at a substantially lower rate with a different mortgage company. Send me a PM and I can let you know the details if you are still in the market for a refi.

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  • senthil1
    08-13 09:55 PM
    The following are the reason for Eb3 situation.
    Anyone who have 3 year or 4 year degree can apply. So Other country also there is a demand. So it is nearly impossible to get other country quota. For a few thousand green cards atleast 100k persons might have applied till 2008 in EB3. So there is not much chance for improvement. It may move a few months to 2 years in 2009.If some bill is passed then most persons will get relief. But still some chances for recapture bill in house. But the reaction at Senate to be seen. Next year they may give a best attempt for CIR so that Congressmen will get a chance to do overtime also for hot news in Media. As usual CIR is unpredictable at best.

    I think they are talking about EB3 Mexico... Doesn't make any sense for EB3-India as it has already been unavailable.. so what does heavy load signifies... I am positive EB3-I will open up... may be more retrogressed than last availability.. but it will be available on Oct 1...


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  • Green.Tech
    06-02 12:43 PM stay on top!

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  • hopefulgc
    09-12 05:26 PM
    apun also ready
    lets do it.

    Hi All,

    Lots of people agreeing.
    singhsa3, since you started it, finalize on what we all need to do.



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  • mjadala
    07-15 06:35 PM

    $:) 10 from me

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  • hopefullegalimmigrant
    01-04 01:27 PM
    helpless situation. Got to stay cool :cool:


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  • ras
    07-06 12:15 PM
    I dont mean to say against the IV core's efforts. They are doing an amazing job with in their time limits.

    But the issue is the time limit itself. There are 20K members dependent on the limited time of the IV Core. They can only see any change when these IV Core's limited time is put to use. And if for some reason IV core is engaged personal interests ( which cannot be denied because they have their personal life too) then valuable time goes wasted.

    So the issue is the time spent on activities by the IV Core. We cannot force them to spend their lives on IV activities and at the same time cannot let down the IV member activities. So what is the best way. Get full time coordinators who can come up with strategies that can have real time implications.

    Dont bash at me this is just my understanding of the situation.

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  • kevinkris
    05-27 12:47 PM
    goto top..


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  • Macaca
    10-01 10:00 AM
    As illustrated below, since 1994 there have been over 218,000 un-recaptured employment-based visas lost due to underutilization of the employment-based visas."

    Some unused EB #s were recaptured for families in following year. For example, in 1994 there were 29,430 (column 2) unused EB #s. However, 27,721 (= 253,721 (column 3) - 226,000 (family quota)) of these #s were recaptured for families. Thus, only 29,430 - 27,721 = 1,709 (column 4) were un-recaptured.

    Also, 50,000 unused EB #s from 01-04 were recaptured for Schedule A.

    Finally, unused EB #s in 99 and 00 were recaptured, hopefully for EB.

    Thus, unused EB #s are more important then un-recaptured EB #s (mentioned above) since some of them have not been recaptured for EB.

    The unused EB #s is 506,384 (total column 2) - 98,941 (99 recaptured for EB) - 31,098 (00 recaptured for EB) = 376, 345

    Annual Report to Congress June 2007 (

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  • gcformeornot
    05-31 12:41 PM


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  • ivgoodluck
    09-13 08:07 PM
    I made my first time $100 contribution

    Order Details - Sep 13, 2007 8:26 PM EDT
    Google Order #573069996350097

    Thank you IV for all your efforts. Keep up the good work.


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  • ashutrip
    06-18 10:37 AM
    Good Morning guys,

    So we all should be fine to file I-485 up until end of September guys, before the retro kicks off ?
    Lawyers sugarcoat things man....I am getting bad vibes...that it will be august!


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  • kak1978
    10-20 12:19 PM
    Sent the letters, took less than a minute.

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    07-30 02:04 AM

    I was not married to her when she got her green card.It is even more difficult if we wait for family based petition, so we decided to get it through EB3, which at that time the sched A was very much highlighted.I am also ff any ammendments offered but to our dismay,the battle is even more uphill.She works in ICU and she said that it is undeniably true that shortage of nurses is everywhere.Am sure our wives are also suffering just as bad.Hope none of the lawmakers have to wait in ER becasue the nurse who is suppose to look after her/him is still waiting for his visa. this American dream is just taking its toll on a lot of people.It is very frustrating.


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  • rennieallen
    09-28 08:51 PM
    They are working overtime for it, hopefully 24 hours as well. This is my fear even before this announcement that visa numbers be wasted again.

    Maybe we can volunteer to adjudicate each of our own!

    When I was a kid in school the teacher solved the bottleneck (of him/her doing the correction of tests) by having the students mark each others tests.

    I'd be happy to adjudicate your case JunRN, if you'd adjudicate mine; heck, I'd even let you use your "current" Bank of America visa in place of a DOS visa :-)

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  • yoda
    09-13 03:00 PM
    Sent this to Boston Globe and the largest TV Channel of NH (WMUR Channel 9)

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  • arc
    07-15 07:48 PM
    10$ - Good work guys BABY STEPS...:)

    ....IV EB3 NEEDS HELP....

    03-12 11:45 AM
    Hi Guys,

    I noticed recently a lot of people have the status of "Donor" instead of "Senior Member", "Member", Junior Member etc.

    How does one become a "Donor". I have donated to IV SEVERAL times in the past.

    Can you take sometime to fill in your profile?

    07-05 01:19 PM
    People Instead of "PREDICTING" what will happen in Oct 2007, Call and FAX Now!!

    My local Congressman's office was very sympathetic and will look into it. Unless you make a noise, no one will hear you or even care.

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