Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • bobzibub
    07-18 05:20 PM
    For the ROW category, the manual seems to indicate that they have a general date (such as in the Visa Bulletin) but I would expect that they have many visa counts for each country..... Anyone have a quick synopsis of how they handle that?
    I'm Canada btw....

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  • SkilledWorker4GC
    07-15 10:42 AM
    Login to your bank account (This is for BoA)
    Go to Bill Pay>>Payees>>Add a Payee

    You will see two options
    1)Pay a company
    2) Pay an Individual

    Click the GO button next to Pay an Individual (without entering any information)

    In the next page

    You will see a small form
    Payee- is the name- in whose favor the check will be made
    Nickname is for your reference
    In Identifying information- you can put your handle
    Rest is obvious

    Payee creation is one time setup

    Once you have created a payee
    Go to Bill Pay>>Overview
    and here you will see an option to make a payment
    Can anyone shed some light on this... I want to know how to pay thru BOA bill pay option.


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  • Keeme
    03-04 12:34 PM
    Not sure if something is cooking at USCIS, last week an USCIS office called my attroney to get clarification on why we (my wife and I) are residing at separate addresses. We are in the process of relocation (company moved), my wife chose to continue her employment while she's searching for opportunities in the new location. The officer stated that they are trying to adjudicate the cases ASAP, hence he's inquiring to ensure there isnt any marriage fraud. My attorney responsed back will all the possible evidence to proved we are together.

    Has anyone had a similar experience.

    My PD: Aug 2004
    Cat: EB3 India.

    A soft LUD today 03/04 on my/wife's I-485 application.

    I see lot of cases of EB2-I with PDs of 2005/06 and EB3- I with PDs 2003/04 have recentely received LUDs/RFEs.

    Let's wait what next visa bulletin says !

    Any one else with recent LUDs on their I-485s ?

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  • ssunka01
    09-05 09:21 PM
    I am having a home loan with ICICI. I strongly recommend do not go with ICICI. They are very fast to increase variable APR. If it declines their comment was who are watching a market. In one instance all other banks reduced their VR but not ICICI. When I emailed ,they simple said we will let you know if there any changes but never reduced. In case increasee even before announcement by RBI, they increased my APR. More over If I want to repay earlier they are charging 2% penalty. so I stongly advice do not look ICICI bank for load if you want save some money. They are not right when it comes to loan. I had always difficult to change my address on my A/c


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  • skark
    07-11 11:59 AM

    My wife is on H4 and she has her H4 extension approval. But the local DMV says that they need to see a visa stamp in her passport to issue a DL. Its actually exchanging her out of state DL! Can anyone from NC (Raleigh, Cary, RTP, Durham etc) share their experiences please.

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  • mirage
    08-18 08:18 AM
    What you are saying is absolutely right and there is no doubt what you are doing is the need of this hour but my guess is most of the people who are still waiting from 2001.2002 or 2003 have some reasons to Not do it. For me my employer is not ready to take the pain of going thru another GC process, even though I pay all the expenses, and I am not able to find a sponsor, I'm sure there are many in similar situation..
    You are forgetting the re-distribution of spill over rules which has affected the processing speed of different categories. So it doesnt matter how many numbers are pending in EB3 past years, its surely greater than the country limits based on past visa usage data. So it does make a lot of sense to port to EB2. Some one who applied in EB2 India in 2008 is likely to get GC before someone who applied in EB3 India 2003/2004 based on current situation.


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  • Administrator2
    04-30 02:19 PM
    Cornyn Open to Working on Immigration Reform - Roll Call (

    We need to get more, but obviously a good beginning.

    This is just in. Thanks for posting Leo07.

    Please Please Please call Cornyn office right now.

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  • Asian
    08-10 10:44 AM
    No. It is true to some extent that we are paying more taxes.

    Take my case for an example. My kid is not an American citizen. She moved with us when she was a baby and currently under H-4 status. So she could not obtain social security number that is good for "authorized to work". Without the SSN, we were not eligible for certain child tax credit, which was hundreds of dollars. I tried an ITIN but I got a formal response from IRS that the child still needs to have a SSN to be eligible for the credit.

    If you ever filed your tax return yourself and have a kid, you will know what I mean.

    just one correction:

    I do not think the above is true.


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  • javaconsultant
    03-27 11:51 AM
    guys, please post your action about Monday so we atleast have an approx no.of faxes going out to Ms.Chao

    We have the address but does anyone has the fax number?
    I would say all of us who ever wants to fax & mail letters to every authority. lets do it on April 3rd.
    Remember it is April 3rd and this has to be coordinated to all forums mainly to Dallas BEC and PBEC and same subject has to be used in all the fax's & Mail.

    Please cut and post below into all forums with fax number you visit this way it will be coordinated.

    We are trying to conduct a nation wide rally of faxes/mail to be sent to Concerned authorities on April 3rd and April 4th, if your Labor is stuck in any of the BEC please send a
    - Mail to below address (so that all mail could reach authorities on same week)
    - Fax to below number (so that all faxes could reach authorities on same day)

    April 3rd and APRIL 4th

    Please use same subject in all your faxes, no matter how you want to address your content of the letter. Please try to post matter of this posting to all forums you visit.

    Subject: Delay in Foreign Labor Certification application approval process at BECs

    DOL Contacts

    Ms. Elaine L. Chao
    Secretary of Labor
    (202) 693-6000

    Mr. Paul T. Conway
    Chief of Staff
    (202) 693-6007

    Mr. Steven J. Law
    Deputy Secretary
    (202) 693-6000

    Ms. Ruth D. Knouse
    Executive Secretariat Director
    (202) 693-6100

    Ms. Amy Barrera
    Director of Advance & Scheduling
    (202) 693-6003

    Ms. Laura Genero
    Associate Deputy Secretary
    (202) 693-6000

    Address for all the above people
    U.S. Department of Labor
    Frances Perkins Building
    200 Constitution Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20210

    Below is the sample draft:
    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Sub: Delay in Foreign Labor Certification Application approval process at BECs

    I would like to bring it to your attention the delays in LCA approval process at the two BECs, most notably the Philadelphia. I have been waiting for almost 2 years since the commencement of two BECs and have not recieved our apporvals.

    Me and my family are suffering constantly due to these delays. Please take necessary measures to speed up the approval process.

    I would be highly obliged if you look into this matter as soon as possible.

    your name
    City, State, Zipcode
    Case Status:
    EB 1/2/3

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  • alterego
    07-06 01:53 PM
    There are about 18K CP cases.

    Yeah but if the PDs are set as unavailable, what can they do about those cases anyway, as the priority date has to be current on the day of approval in the consulate.
    Furthermore, unlike with 485s they can't consular process 18K cases on a Sunday! It is not a centralised process for them to do that.


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  • makemygc
    07-06 01:04 PM
    He is trying to spin a news and get a answer of his comfort. Guyz never stop :)

    Or may be he is in some mental shock and need know what.

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  • delhikadesi
    09-14 12:44 AM
    whats wrong with you guys are filed in EB3 category...does not mean that you are less then any EB2 person.

    cant you understand one simple logic? EB2 category(not an individual) will get cards sooner then EB3 category.

    So if you were eligibile or had a choice, why you chose EB3????
    now since you did choose, you are supporting this backgate system of porting to EB2? how do you justify that?????

    you or your employer told USCIS to get a card for you in EB3 category, if you do not want that, file NEW !!!

    In the eyes of americans we are skilled workers, but we all are selfish and vulnerable to white man politics!!!!

    DAMN this card and I wish to see when we all cherish our self respect and does not get treated like beggars by USCIS.

    If we all have balls then lets do some kind of bycott ...else keep watching your brother in this stupid ration line and you enjoy your food (if you get lucky by USCIS)


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  • villamonte6100
    04-02 01:37 PM
    Villamonte - the laws are such that USCIS cannot screw up much for ROW, especially if they are not in EB3. I hope you are not gloating much about your luck. However, you cannot extrapolate your fortune to say that USCIS is an efficient organization.

    However, the laws are such that USCIS does screw up a lot with EB2 & 3 for India and China. They have to play games of predicting visa number availability between two departments (DOS & USCIS). They completely screw up the FIFO for Indians and Chinese within Indian & Chinese applicants. Luckily the FBI namecheck nightmare is over which will restore some sanity. There are many people who have to wait for years due to USCIS inefficiency.

    I know an Indian case where PD was current and USCIS screwed up. He had to sue USCIS to get it fixed.

    D.E.D is such a numbskull retard that he doesn't understand these concepts. All he harps is that you cannot investigate USCIS and USCIS awards H1B. The greatness of American democracy is that even a foreigner can ask the courts to investigate the wrongs a govt organization has done to them. In fact most democracies around the world allow that.

    Besides USCIS does not award the H1B. It just follows the laws set forth by the congress and processes the H1B applications based on those laws.

    D.E.D. just go back to the cave where you came from.

    You are entitled to your opinion.

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  • SDdesi
    07-13 03:23 PM
    In San Diego


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  • Kodi
    06-04 02:03 PM
    Even under PERM, Atlanta office is backed up. They're still evaluating February applicants its not moving at all. I know its not bad compared to BEC but for some its still bad.

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  • h1techSlave
    10-01 01:42 PM
    IV is looking in the right direction in the long term.

    IV, sure is looking at a long term solution. I did not criticize that strategy. IV should continue to work for a permanent fix.

    Currently for IV, this long term fix is the #1 priority. I was suggesting that IV should make the long term fix a #2 priority. And make #1 priority as improving efficiency at USCIS.


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  • ArkBird
    09-15 04:21 PM
    Did you check the grammar of your polling question?

    I support this. But might to be able to help with the fee

    If this is EB2, I am glad/proud/honor to be EB3


    People, most of us here are just afraid that they will get red dots, be ridiculed for their beliefs. But the things is; If we don't fight for our rights, who will. We have to defend our place in the queue, which at the moment is at substantial risk.

    I want everybody to get their GCs. but now interfiling/porting is hurting out position in the queue.

    If you are not aware, a good bunch of EB3s are now trying to interfile & port their PDs which are between 2001 - 2005 to EB2.

    This will potentially put tens of thousands of people in the EB2 queue before most people in EB2 who are waiting.

    These people were not eligible for EB2 when they filed their own labor.. so they should NOT BE ALLOWED TO PORT THEIR OLD PDs. Sure EB3 can Interfile .. but you will get a new PD ... the date you interfile.

    If we just keep looking... there will be a huge retrogression in EB2. And its not like these EB3 people will get through with the interfiling/porting. Most of them will be issued RFEs. Their labor apps will be audited and their primary EB3 apps will be cancelled. Infact, 85% of interfiling will never successfully make it through. And its not like it will help the EB3 brothers. That queue will still be long... because they are not going to withdraw their EB3 apps.
    Also, while they will not succeed in interfiling/porting, they still will have their apps with USCIS and USCIS will sit on them before eventually issuing NOID. Sad part is they will count these when giving numbers to DOS for setting visa bulletins.

    This PD porting is the last "not so ethical & legal" thing after labor substitution.. that we need to Put a cork on.

    If we don't act now... then we can all expect to stay in AOS for the next 5 years. This holds for both EB2 and EB3.

    I want everybody to get their GCs. I also am OK with the wait.
    But anything that threatens my position in the queue is not acceptable.

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  • skv
    06-18 10:54 AM
    Hope not, we never thought that this will be current so soon. so my gut feeling is that we all should be fine up until Sep end.

    Good luck for you and all!

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  • ggyro
    07-22 11:46 AM
    As far as I know the amendment is still a part of the Defense bill.

    Sen Cornyn introduced it as an amendment to another bill on 19th (I dont remember the bill) in addition to the Defense bill and strictly speaking the motion to attach the amendment was rejected on the basis that it did not belong in that particular bill and not the amendment.

    Texas Members - Would it possible to find out if Sen. Cornyn is planning to introduce the amendment again later this year?

    Clearly, he has to work with Sen.Dick Durbin to gain support among the Democrats.

    05-29 09:56 AM
    Back on top...

    01-19 01:06 PM
    But I don't have 4 weeks. I have to travel on january 29th.
    Another thing is do I need to show on departure do I need to show the AP Approval. If I don't then if I leave US and my friend mail it to my place abroad is that ok as my USCIS online application status check system shows my I-131 approved on January 8 and mailed.

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