Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • GCwaitforever
    05-15 03:55 PM
    There seems to be no trend. Mine is non-RIR from 2001 November, transferred from Federal. I have not heard anything after receving 45-day letter in May 2005. Recent case status from BEC says my application is awaiting further review by a BEC analyst. One day, it might be approved. Incidentally DOL web site says still 17 months remaining for backlog removal.:D We should see light at the end of tunnel after another 1 1/2 years.

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  • madhu_online1
    02-24 08:09 PM
    To those with H-1 extension issues:-
    I applied for H1 extension 6 months ago and a month back changed to premium processing. I had got an RFE from regular dept and very same day made my application to premium processing. Now my application got approved without having to respond to RFE.
    The RFE was employer-employee relationship and thats one bad RFE! Premium processing dept people are more experienced and better. Go premium on your H1!

    Also, when on H-1 you can get promotion. there is no issue. It is called natural progression in job.

    Have fun guys. In my opinion grass always looks greener on the other side. I think US is always better. Also, if you are single and EB2, you can make use of cross-chargeability to get your green card! Goodluck.

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  • reddymjm
    06-10 08:08 AM
    I hope in the visa statistics for the year 2008 they don't come up with a report saying that 20,000 visas were lost as they were unused :D.

    it will be NO wonder even if you see that..

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  • leo2606
    07-14 08:14 PM
    Sent $21


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  • bpratap
    07-21 12:53 AM
    They may not consider EAD, but if you submit a copy of I-140 they will consider that.

    I also had to go thru a cycle of process, but finally they approved on on submitting a copy of I-140 Approval letter

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  • stucklabor
    08-15 01:34 PM

    Some persuasive articles have been written.

    However, we intend to submit these as Op-Eds. In general, Op-Eds are more effective and more likely to be accepted when they are written in the first person. There is really no need to go into the various minutiae of the legal immigration system. Also, please try not to use form names like I485, or other technical terms like priority date, retrogression etc. It is probably best to use a generic term like 'backlog'. The newspaper editors - and the normal reader - are looking for how the broken system affected you, gentle writer. The very first article in this whole thread was really the best one since it was written from the first person and brought a face, a personality to paper.

    My 2c.


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  • Ramba
    07-23 06:18 PM
    Guys, We just got the magic e-mail.!!
    Card Production ordered
    PD AUG 2004
    RD :FEB 2005
    EB3 INDIA :) :) :)

    thx everyone for your help and suppport!!

    This is aboslutly not possible; he/she is trying to fool every one. Before retrogression, the last date to file a 485 for a EB3-Indian with PD 08/2004 was 12/31/2004. From Jan 2005 till July 2007 EB3 Inida was retrogressed for his PD. So he/she could not apply 485 in Feb 2005. The other optins could be he/she may be in EB2 catagory or a Schulde A nurse.

    I was in similar time frame; So I know the date well....

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  • isedkeem
    03-06 10:11 AM
    Sorry to hear about your ordeals. The good news is that EB3- ROW should move forward at a good clip in a few months - some estimates from a lawyer I talked to seem to indicate a jump into early 2006 by the end of this year, so hang in there and remember that it is darkest before dawn.
    If you are keen on a backup, have you considered immigrating to New Zealand? It is a great option if you need a peaceful life and the weather is just like California (unlike Canada) and they have universal health care too. For people who have worked in the US for a few years in recognized fields, NZ is quite easy to immigrate to and very quick. Your English seems to be quite good so I don't see why you should be so disheartened. I guess this advice also applies to Indians who are frustrated with the delays.
    Good luck!

    Immigrating legally to the U.S seemed like a gold opportunity when I was offered to work here six years ago with an H1B visa. As a matter of fact, all my friends and family considered that it would have been crazy not to take advantage of the "opportunity" to live and work in the most developed country on Earth.

    It's been six long years of challenges and learning experiences, but mostly it's been six years of financial distress, anxiety, paralysis and uncertainty.

    We applied for PR four years ago, but in the process my wife and I have eaten all our saving in lawyer fees - and at this point we're just one more number in the long list of EB3 applicants who don't have the remotest idea of when visa numbers will become available so we can have a normal life. I don't even consider traveling to my country cause I don't have the money to pay for APs for me and my wife. My career has been also frozen since I cant take promotions to higher positions that will fall off the job description stated in my PERM.

    If I had known about this ordeal, I would have never come to the US. I would have looked for other options, in countries that have a more sincere and generous immigration policies instead. If the US is not interested in allowing people to legally immigrate through visas based on employment, they simply should eliminate these visas and make clear that they don't want us to stay. Wouldn't that be easy for everyone?

    I would return to my country if we didn't have a nasty political turmoil and the social decay that comes with it. Yet, I feel that the days go by and our lives are entangled in this absurd situation.


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  • gk_2000
    08-24 01:38 AM
    You made my day....but you can do better. Come up with somthing make sense.:D

    I never knew all these so called multinational executives work for noble cause...hilarious

    Time and again you are in attacking mode. You need to learn some concepts better, including english comprehension. Don't worry, everything will happen with time -- after settling in USA your kids might help you learn

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  • django.stone
    03-05 11:51 AM
    My case does not have a LUD.


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  • santb1975
    05-22 07:58 AM
    Good suggestion

    Come forward and contribute for your own cause.

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  • Marphad
    07-06 11:37 AM
    Can you please let us know what gives you the right to call for a change the leadership?

    Not that I say we need change, but this is a public organization. Everyone has a right to call for election. There is nothing wrong.

    Only issue is, whoever wants to contest has to come out with public profile as mentioned by someone before. There are only few people who are openly public and with known real identity on this forum - thats sad!

    I am surprised to see that IV has 450K asset! Where did that number come from?


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  • raysaikat
    01-06 04:31 PM
    ...he encountered a couple of a folks from some universities & concludes that those universities are just crappy....

    By the way, since when 100's of students mean a couple of folks? So far I have taught about 100 such students. And I and my colleagues have been observing problems with such students for over last 5 years or more (about 1000 students). These are not anomalies, rather statistically significant observations.

    And, by the way, (almost) all these students join Indian consulting companies after graduation, which means (at least those) consulting companies care nothing about the quality of the employees. Banning H1-B access to such consulting companies will be of desirable, indeed.

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  • a1b2c3
    09-10 12:08 PM
    Just when you thought you had it you missed it :D

    I think they will eventually open up EB2, unless their plan is to clear EB3-I first (which would not be unfair I think).
    See one of my earlier posts, one of the core issues is the sudden forward and then sudden backward movements in the dates.
    If the demand is anticipated correctly, there shouldn't be need for closing the window at all!


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  • immi_enthu
    08-10 06:14 PM
    Any updates from USCIS regarding lockbox & receipting dates?

    it's still not a week since 08/03/2007 for USCIS :D. they have more 7 days in a week :rolleyes:.

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  • sprash
    02-25 05:00 PM
    I think dates won't (and should not ) move much. So at the end of year we can see big jump and then may be people like me can file I-1485.


    Yes and then they should process in LIFO order so people like you can get their GCs :p :rolleyes:


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  • Caliber
    05-15 03:47 PM
    Finally at last today the web site shows that my Labor is certified. I am really glad at it. PBEC has shown us the HELL on earth and though I am 43 years old, I feel like much older than that due these PBEC guys. They never realize that this is our biggest milestone.

    My NOF was on Prevailing Wage as my pay was 65K and PBEC wanted to increase it to 87K. But our attorney's have submitted third party surveys and we have given up thinking that PBEC will not agree for it.

    I know how hard it is to live without a status. I pray that PBEC guys releases every one from their HELL. Details are in my signature.

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  • TomPlate
    07-06 05:13 PM
    One thing everybody need to understand here is we should not show anger even though we are angry. Please mind your words in the forum. Too bad from all people writing words which are not good.

    This website is searchable from search engines like and it is really bad to see any anger and bad words in this website.

    Administrator do you have filter mechanism.

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  • akhilmahajan
    10-22 10:36 AM
    Folks I sent email to this address as stated "", got bounced back saying it as a wrong email. Does nay one know the correct email to send USCIS complaints to?

    You have emailed an inactive account.
    If you are inquiring about the status of documentation you have filed with USCIS, or have a complaint relating generally to the nature of the customer service you have been provided by USCIS, please use our National Customer Service phone number 1-800-375-5283 or visit our website at

    If you are a CIS employee and wish to file a complaint regarding credible allegations of criminal misconduct or of very serious misconduct by a USCIS employee, guidance can be found online at htttp:// Credible allegations of minor but significant misconduct should be reported directly to the office where you believe they may have occured.

    Same thing happened with me.
    Anyways will be sending out the letters today so should be fine.

    GO I/WE GO.

    03-15 11:49 AM
    Any ideas on when this hearing is?

    Just called up the Senate Judiciary Committee. Today's meeting is already over. They could not relay the hearings on their website due to the sudden change in the rooms. The record of today's meeting is not yet out. We'll have to check on other websites like AILA to see what amendments were included.

    Tomorrow's meeting starts at 9 AM.

    06-26 10:52 PM

    Building a Wall Against Talent

    By George F. Will
    Thursday, June 26, 2008; A19

    PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Fifty years ago, Jack Kilby, who grew up in Great Bend, Kan., took the electrical engineering knowledge he acquired as an undergraduate at the University of Illinois and as a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin to Dallas, to Texas Instruments, where he helped invent the modern world as we routinely experience and manipulate it. Working with improvised equipment, he created the first electronic circuit in which all the components fit on a single piece of semiconductor material half the size of a paper clip.

    On Sept. 12, 1958, he demonstrated this microchip, which was enormous, not micro, by today's standards. Whereas one transistor was put in a silicon chip 50 years ago, today a billion transistors can occupy the same "silicon real estate." In 1982 Kilby was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, where he is properly honored with the likes of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.

    If you seek his monument, come to Silicon Valley, an incubator of the semiconductor industry. If you seek (redundant) evidence of the federal government's refusal to do the creative minimum -- to get out of the way of wealth creation -- come here and hear the talk about the perverse national policy of expelling talented people.

    Modernity means the multiplication of dependencies on things utterly mysterious to those who are dependent -- things such as semiconductors, which control the functioning of almost everything from cellphones to computers to cars. "The semiconductor," says a wit who manufactures them, "is the OPEC of functionality, except it has no cartel power." Semiconductors are, like oil, indispensable to the functioning of many things that are indispensable. Regarding oil imports, Americans agonize about a dependence they cannot immediately reduce. Yet their nation's policy is the compulsory expulsion or exclusion of talents crucial to the creativity of the semiconductor industry that powers the thriving portion of our bifurcated economy. While much of the economy sputters, exports are surging, and the semiconductor industry is America's second-largest exporter, close behind the auto industry in total exports and the civilian aircraft industry in net exports.

    The semiconductor industry's problem is entangled with a subject about which the loquacious presidential candidates are reluctant to talk -- immigration, specifically that of highly educated people. Concerning whom, U.S. policy should be: A nation cannot have too many such people, so send us your PhDs yearning to be free.

    Instead, U.S. policy is: As soon as U.S. institutions of higher education have awarded you a PhD, equipping you to add vast value to the economy, get out. Go home. Or to Europe, which is responding to America's folly with "blue cards" to expedite acceptance of the immigrants America is spurning.

    Two-thirds of doctoral candidates in science and engineering in U.S. universities are foreign-born. But only 140,000 employment-based green cards are available annually, and 1 million educated professionals are waiting -- often five or more years -- for cards. Congress could quickly add a zero to the number available, thereby boosting the U.S. economy and complicating matters for America's competitors.

    Suppose a foreign government had a policy of sending workers to America to be trained in a sophisticated and highly remunerative skill at American taxpayers' expense, and then forced these workers to go home and compete against American companies. That is what we are doing because we are too generic in defining the immigrant pool.

    Barack Obama and other Democrats are theatrically indignant about U.S. companies that locate operations outside the country. But one reason Microsoft opened a software development center in Vancouver is that Canadian immigration laws allow Microsoft to recruit skilled people it could not retain under U.S. immigration restrictions. Mr. Change We Can Believe In is not advocating the simple change -- that added zero -- and neither is Mr. Straight Talk.

    John McCain's campaign Web site has a spare statement on "immigration reform" that says nothing about increasing America's intake of highly educated immigrants. Obama's site says only: "Where we can bring in more foreign-born workers with the skills our economy needs, we should." "Where we can"? We can now.

    Solutions to some problems are complex; removing barriers to educated immigrants is not. It is, however, politically difficult, partly because this reform is being held hostage by factions -- principally the Congressional Hispanic Caucus -- insisting on "comprehensive" immigration reform that satisfies their demands. Unfortunately, on this issue no one is advocating change we can believe in, so America continues to risk losing the value added by foreign-born Jack Kilbys.

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