Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • sam2006
    07-19 01:27 AM
    thank you raju

    Contributed $100 yesterday.
    Will contribute again next month.
    Keep up the good work.

    Total Contribution So Far $175+

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  • SkilledWorker4GC
    07-15 10:19 AM
    Sent a contribution worth lunch money for a week.

    Biller Name Account Amount Pay Date Confirmation Memo Note
    Immigration Voice
    Free Checking XXXX $25.00
    07/18/2008 7YDR4-N7FRN HIGH 5 funding Dr Contri, Amit B

    New Day today.

    Good morning everyone. Let's get back to making this campaign a roaring success. We need new High Fives today people. All those IV brothers and sisters who havent yet contributed their $5.00, please do so. It is a great cause and lets face it, IV is the ONLY organization of the legal immigrants, by the legal immigrants, AND FOR the legal immigrants ONLY.

    Also let us remember to update our signatures and include a link to this thread.

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  • delhikadesi
    09-14 12:44 AM
    whats wrong with you guys are filed in EB3 category...does not mean that you are less then any EB2 person.

    cant you understand one simple logic? EB2 category(not an individual) will get cards sooner then EB3 category.

    So if you were eligibile or had a choice, why you chose EB3????
    now since you did choose, you are supporting this backgate system of porting to EB2? how do you justify that?????

    you or your employer told USCIS to get a card for you in EB3 category, if you do not want that, file NEW !!!

    In the eyes of americans we are skilled workers, but we all are selfish and vulnerable to white man politics!!!!

    DAMN this card and I wish to see when we all cherish our self respect and does not get treated like beggars by USCIS.

    If we all have balls then lets do some kind of bycott ...else keep watching your brother in this stupid ration line and you enjoy your food (if you get lucky by USCIS)

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  • priti8888
    07-23 06:07 PM
    My husband doesn't even want to look. He says he'll become too agitated, so only let him know the good news. I'm addicted too, but this could become a problem for me, since this week I have finals at school:o

    I am the better half too!:) Anyway, just an FYI. Since you got your RD, i would suggest you inquire about your and your familys name check status in the next few months. As far as i know, name checks are cleared whithin a few months of RD or few months after 1st Fingerprint. This would just give you some peace of mind...


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  • imv116
    07-09 06:09 PM
    Count me on too. Zip 90005


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  • imm_pro
    07-20 03:44 PM
    Hillary is such a 2 face person...She collects all the campaign funds from the tech lobbies with her pro skilled immmigrant oratory skills and at the same time appease the anti immigration rightists..

    also whats up with the senators from CA..both of them NAYed..what are the influential tech companies doing ?

    IV shuould highlight these upcoming bills like this on the front page and ask members to respond accordingly.


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  • leoindiano
    04-30 03:22 PM
    "Lowsy job and recapturing wouldn't help a lot! needs to explore other possibilities..."

    I smell some delay tactics there...:)

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    03-11 01:34 PM
    My application was finally approved yesterday after almost 7 years in queue. Here is the sequence of events right before the approval.

    RFE email on 02/13/09
    2nd Biometrics Notice received on 02/17/09
    Lawyer receives RFE for EVL, EAD cards and Marriage Certificate on 02/24/09
    Completed Code 3 Biometrics on 02/26/09
    Soft LUD immediately after Biometrics on 02/26/09
    USCIS receives RFE reply on 02/27/09, Hard LUD and email on the same day
    Another soft LUD on 03/02/09
    CPO email on 03/10/09
    Welcome email on 03/10/09

    My PD has been current for a long time, but my application had not been touched and then suddenly USCIS became a model of efficiency. I am sure they are opening applications and approving or RFE'ing all they can. Hang in there guys.

    Congratulations! Hope you have stressless life ahead.


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  • webm
    03-17 08:13 PM
    Most of the June/July/Aug'07 fiasco filers H4's might have received EAD's and thus when 2007 filing tax returns (married filing jointly) will have their SSN# listed could be eligilble.. isn't it??

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  • bskrishna
    07-11 12:04 PM
    heres the thing..we have been talking about the 2004 hump for eb2 for a while now. if you download the perm data from 2005 you will see only 7000+ PERM approvals for India. this included a significant number of EB3 other worker categories like pipe welder, cook, etc ( i am assuming they were eb3 -other worker...correct me if i m wrong)

    this was the breakdown per month for perm 2005

    April -13

    7290 - includes everybody - eb2, eb3, eb3 other workers

    the whole question was the hump of 2004-march2005

    ithis is the first time since when retrogression started on oct 1 2005, that the dates have moved beyond 2005.

    do we have any such nos for 04? ideally 05 EB2 should buzz through adjudication in less then a quarter.


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  • Green.Tech
    06-07 12:30 PM

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  • chandsri81
    04-25 08:52 AM

    I just applied for a mortgage from BOA. The loan officer did not recognize what AOS was and asked me for an H1B - which has expired.

    I explained about AOS and EAD and told her I could give the I-485 receipt, and she took in my application.
    But I'm worried that my loan will be denied after underwriting - my closing is on 5/26 and I probably will not hear from the bank until second week of may.

    Does anyone know of Banks in MA that give loans to EAD?



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  • pappu
    09-13 08:03 PM
    here is the java code in case anyone wants to generate for different states..
    each URL gets 100 mediaids..
    i tried creating the file and attaching it but for some reason upload failed everytime. not sure why. So here you go...

    public class GenerateClass {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
    for (int j = 0; j < 65; j++) {

    int startNum = j * 100;

    StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
    for (int i = startNum; i < startNum + 100 ; i++) {
    System.out.println("" + sb.toString());



    please email the file to media at with instructions how to implement/use it. This will be very useful.

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  • skd
    07-06 01:04 PM
    when did your lawyer told you that . today ?


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  • eb3_nepa
    07-14 12:52 PM
    An added request, if all those who DID contribute/Are contributing. Can you guys please update your signatures with a link back to this thread. (

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  • qualified_trash
    01-02 07:20 PM

    I know this has been discussed in the past on this and other message boards but I wanted to hear some more opinions about it. What is the value of green card to you?

    I know different ppl have different reasons like ability to switch jobs, ability to travel freely, ability to have a job for spouse etc. All said and done how many of you would like to go back to your home countries in the next 5-6 years? I know a lot of people have issues such as aging parents back home or they simply don't see themselves living in a foreign land forever. I guess my question is what percentage of ppl aspiring for a GC view it as a convenience vs percentage of ppl who actually see it as a path to settling down in US for good.


    you should maybe set it up as a poll. as for me, I am here for good unless asked to leave :-)


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  • GCard_Dream
    07-19 02:50 PM
    Confirmation Number: 1RS188876V717273E

    Made another $100 contribution today. I hope that all members now realize that IV is doing a great job of addressing our issues and finally coming up with some results. This is just the beginning and the member contribution will determine how much more IV can accomplish. If we all don't join forces and contribute one way or the other, 8 or 10 core members alone can't do much.

    Membership and their contribution is the real strength of core team and if either one of those dries up, IV will no longer exist and all EB folks will once again become the step child of immigration process and no one will care about us. We have a voice now through IV, people know that we exist and realize the legal immigration process is badly broken and needs repair. Government and politicians have taken notice and agree that there is a problem with legal immigration. This is very significant. If we would like to continue this fight, contribution is a must.

    For those who are still hesitating to contribute, there is always that F5 (refresh) key which you can keep pressing and hope that some how pressing that F5 key enough times will result in some relief. You folks have more faith on that F5 key than IV and I wish you good luck with your green card process. Once you do get your green card, please let us know how many times did you have to press that key to get a green card. That will set the bar for the future generation of EB applicants.

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  • vin13
    02-19 11:55 AM
    I don't understand why EB3-I is a lost cause. Isn't the percentage distribution for the various categories taken into account? I don;t think I understand how the percentage distrubution works probably. Can anyone please explain?

    India and China get most of their share through not only the allocated %age but also through the spillover from ROW. Since there is less spillover from ROW for EB-3, the amount of visa for EB-3I is less.

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  • gonecrazyonh4
    04-25 06:29 PM
    I think you have hit the nail on the head. We are on a roller coaster ride and we need to cool our heels. The two amendments to help ease retrogression are already in two of the senator�s bills. Let's push that on through. We can later on use our imaginations to solve any �bigger" immigration issues.

    Easing retrogression helps some, but not may of us who are stuck at back log centeres

    06-02 02:00 PM
    Contributed $100 for June
    Receipt ID: 47W850****

    Thanks, coopheal!

    07-18 10:23 PM
    Amit, i have sent you a PM. :)

    Thanks a bunch for all of you who contributed today, I read each and every post and felt very content that atleast there are people who feel the same way like I feel. IV is the only org that stands for us. It is time to strengthen it, Most of you have no idea how much money is really needed for lobbying, and how far it can take us if each of us contributed a little every month.
    Minimum $50/month.

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