Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • conundrum
    04-30 04:03 PM
    hmmmm.. they ran out of questions. We should have supplied them with the questions and they would have had to stay up all night just to get through the question we can come up in 1 hr!!!!!

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  • rameshk75
    01-04 10:41 AM
    Received an email today for AP document mailed on Jan4.

    I filed AP on Aug 8th.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    08-13 04:37 PM
    Till last year EB 3 would get additional visa from the leftovers of ROW, both EB2 and EB 3-I would benefit from the ROW visia, now all the visas are going to EB2, so i agree with you, there is little hope for EB 3.

    Why are there no repurcussions if USCIS admits that they were incorrectly allocating the visa earlier. they can suddenly change the rules and everybody keeps quiet....strange.

    EB-3 won't need help when everyone else is done because the only people left to allocate visas would be EB-3 only . I guess we are just in for a long long wait.

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  • snathan
    05-15 10:13 PM
    Shan - I totally understand your frustration and where you are coming from. I had the same level of aggression when i first started participated in IV activities and I am sure, a lot of people want to pursue things in an aggressive manner.

    But lets calm down for a minute.

    The OP initially contacted IV after googling up and came across our threads and I spoke to him. He was frustrated with opening two MTRs and was looking into mandamus.

    I requested him to do the following - exhaust all adminisrative procedures first. Contact Ombudsman, Senators, Congressman, try all options.

    See - these kind of decisions are not easy and not not everyone understands this stuff.

    Once you go to court, it may take a couple of hearings and you will also have the other side arguing their cause.

    We must always remember that - we are in a civilised nation and people on the other side are willing to listen and try to resolve stuff in the best way possible
    - Lobbying, awareness etc.. are basic principles of IV .

    we are not here to teach someone a lesson or fight with someone - we are here because we want our issues resolved and we must work in the best possible way.

    Nevertheless - one must know how litigation also works in case that is the only option.

    I request people to please share their ideas and thoughts on how to tackle such issues.

    Let frustration not dictate your views. I understand that we all want issues to be resolved and get really aggressive on these forums - but lets just relax and think and see what is the best possible solution.

    I totally agree with you on this. But I am not talking about the MTR. I am talking about the fee issues. Why do we need to pay if its their mistake. I dont think we are talking about the fee waiver with congress men's office or anyone else.


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  • bigboy007
    05-15 12:21 AM
    There was a campaign on wrongful denial in AC21 , there was also letter campaign not sure what happened after that ? It was IV action item too... What was the conclusion ? should we all suffer even if it is a training issue, if they act such nice on letters , then why they act as if there is no form and if AC21 is for real aliens from a real alien world.

    I guess you are now happier than before. You are close to getting your issue resolved.

    No one knows why people who are eligible for AC21 portability are going through this.

    When I discussed this issue at my congresswoman's immigration specialist, he asked me why do you think USCIS is doing this? So - basically no one knows.

    Many people have said that this is a training issue. maybe it is. We don't know

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-21 11:24 AM
    I have sent the email to Cisombudsman and will update the poll also.

    Great. Thanks.

    Target 500 emails by this week. Lets show unity, lets show power of unity.


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  • sriteam
    07-20 09:40 AM
    This is unbelievable . Most Dems are against this???

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  • ak_2006
    05-15 09:46 AM
    Here is the scoop.

    from US Congresswoman's office, an immigration specialist spoke to their liaison at the Nebraska Service Center.

    Liaison confirmed the following:

    1. I-140 approval in September, 2007 (actually 09/04/2009 as I have the hard copy)
    2. I-140 revocation in Feb, 2009 ( he has not provided the day of the month, but from LUD I have it strongly pointing to 02/03/2009)
    I have not told the Congresswoman's office about the I-140 revocation. Just mentioned that it might have happened as I have left the company.

    3. Liaison did confirm that even after the I-140 being withdrawn I am eligible for adjustment thru AC21.

    4. Liaison did agree that if the I-140 was revoked within the stipulated time given in AC21, Nebraska’s decision to deny the I-485 may have been in error. (which in my case is true)

    Immigration specialist at the Congresswoman's office is going to contact the Director of NSC to review this matter with a supervisor

    Unanswered questions:

    1. If the Liaison can see that my I-140 is approved on 09/04/2009, why is that the adjudicating officer is responding with a denial on 09/04/2009 and subsequent denial of I-485?
    2. Are they both not looking at my information with same interface?

    Atleast in my case it looks deliberate and intentional.

    Hi ind_game,

    For me, 1. I-140 approval in September, 2007 (actually 09/04/2009 as I have the hard copy) has typo. I think your 09/04/2009 should be 2007.

    Please correct.


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  • ravish_kaipa
    09-12 12:29 PM
    Here are my details.
    Confirmation Number: 5HL471558P745653V
    Amount $100

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  • vayumahesh
    12-03 07:58 AM
    Congrats 9Years. What a big relief ...... Right !!! Finally DONE. I am waiting for the same moment .....


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  • krishmunn
    08-12 12:15 PM
    and expoilted the employees to the maximum extent. In one another post - VLDRao was saying these companies does the tax filing on behalf the emoloyee, get the refund and again claim that tax in india using double taxation aoivdance treaty.

    True. But why then does an employee want to join such company ? It is not that you are not aware of all these before you step to this country through Infy or TCS ?

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  • eb3retro
    03-15 04:16 PM
    Interesting Summary

    hope aila has some good lobbying group to push bills like these..


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  • mrdelhiite
    06-22 06:28 PM
    The employer can establish an account for an attorney or other agent at It's unique PERM cases filed by that employer.

    hmm maybe they should hire some Indians to do there software design ... :-) jk :p

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  • let007live4ever
    02-07 09:15 AM
    AP isn't appoved yet. I have to wait for the approval in order to use that upon reentry.

    And yes someone can surely mail me the document. In that case I just have to hope the AP dosen't have any misprints or something.


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  • for_gc
    07-14 03:03 PM
    Just Contributed $5 using BofA bill pay.


    Please stick to $5. The idea is to shake out members who till date have made no contributions into making contributions.

    If we start contributing different amounts on this thread then this may dilute the impact of the idea.

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  • franklin
    09-29 10:50 AM
    Except, Franklin is not from a retrogressed country.... :)


    Actually, techincally I am - eb3 ROW suffers from retrogression


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  • indio0617
    03-09 11:03 AM
    sen feinstein above amendment passes

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  • kinvin
    02-12 11:48 AM
    Fellow Sufferers,;)

    For NON-RIR applicants, is the backlog center requiring the old advertisement process after the 45 day letter.

    We had received the 45 day letter six months ago and there has been no communication from them since that time. (Seperate application PD May-03)

    (Fellow travellers am I seeing an Oasis or is it a mirage.)


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  • makemygc
    07-06 02:07 PM
    I doubt it, uscis used up 60k visas in one month just to make sure we dont get any ead, why in the world after doing all this nonsense would they accept our applications.

    Well...this is the same argument we gave when we first heard about the July VB rumour in june but no one belived. I hope badluck's lawyer brings us some good luck but this is hard to believe this time.

    01-05 02:38 PM
    Looks like it is random, it may also depend on the service where it is applied from, Mine is from vermont, Nov 2003 received the 45 letter, I have another one from Atlanta June 2004 did not receive the 45 day letter.

    12-18 02:58 PM
    Hit them where it hurts the most.

    ..We cannot say things like exploitation or make the employers feel ...This is feed for the anti immigratin lobby..You put up stuff like this and they start painting you as their poster boy to show why the whole H1B program should be abolished......If we do conduct a strike would cause no disruption at all..Frankly nobody is indispensible...Striking is equivalent of biting the had that feeds us...

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