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  • sands_14
    09-28 11:27 PM
    Can all of us at least send a joint request/letter to Rep Lofgren to ask USCIS to formalise a procedure for re-capture of visa numbers?I guess USCIS can do this without any senate approvals.At least ,this will decrease retrogression a little.Any major reform looks unlikely anyways till year 2009...

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  • ssk1127
    08-23 06:16 PM
    Also forgot to mention the article says "certain" - See highlighted below the title so I am sure Advacned degree wil lnot come under this based on the definition you find in the above articale

    Evaluation of Evidentiary Criteria in Certain Form I-140 Petitions (AFM Update AD 10-41)

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  • Libra
    09-12 12:54 PM
    thank you ska_iit

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  • nyte_crawler
    04-25 03:03 PM
    There are three categories of people,
    1) There are people stuck in the labor-queue with early dates. They would want to clear that backlog and they know the PD is so old that they will get their GCs easily.
    2) There are people who are waiting to apply or have applied in the 2002-2003 range and they want more visas so that they would get their GCs.
    3) There are others who are just filing with dates of 2005 and 2006, who would want to take a different approach as they do not know about their future

    I clearly understand as a group, it is impossible to fulfill everyone's expectations. It can only fix the issues that is more relevant and practical at the present moment. But again, I believe by taking "Pay Now and Do what we told, because it is better for all" approach will only prevent people from participating. (Iam not flaming anybody) I believe by writing in one thread about an opinion, is not going to take the group's strategy away from its goal. If that is the case, then there is an underlying problem. Since I dont host this form, I dont expect any rights of free speech. But moderating heavy-handedly will only take away the participation, as I see this happening time and time again. I believe as long as people don't abuse forms, they should be allowed to express their ideas. It's upto the group to decide and take it whenever it is necessary.

    But on the contrary, if IV believes that creating threads takes away the server space, IV could remind them of the usage and perhaps close them. But if the approach is once the short term goal of CIR implementation is done there is nothing to worry about, then whatever I said would become invalid.



    There is too much curbing of free speech, you admins are taking a heavy handed approach to discussions. Deleting posts at will, diverting topics at whims and fancies...

    Let there be discussins, there is nothing wrong in floating ideas.. allow members to express. Not every idea needs to be implemented.



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  • Jelena
    07-18 08:23 PM
    Contributed 100$. Thanks, IV!

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  • sidbee
    08-13 11:19 PM
    This is the third place where I am posting this ..well why not ..In my view this is worth a shot since greenspan is also talking about it.
    Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan predicts U.S. house prices will begin to stabilize in the first half of next year, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.


    Greenspan also offered a novel suggestion to bolster the housing market -- increase the number of potential home buyers by admitting more skilled immigrants

    Thats why USCIS/DOS are trying to make EB2 current , so that they all can buy houses and save the economy :-)


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  • fggc
    07-23 09:27 PM
    Dont mean to dampen your spirits, happy for the poster of this thread. Could have been lucky to get approved while people like me ( Sep 2003) PD waiting 485 filed 3 yrs ago.

    anyway cheers -- go partying

    I wish everyone here will get that magic email and be partying as well

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  • priti8888
    06-26 01:51 PM
    What is america losing?

    Lets take a typical example:

    My friend and his wife both have jobs here. They pay around $50K-60 income tax (approx) as a couple.

    They have 10 yrs of exp. (approx) or have masters degree. They have a decent bit of 401K. And about 30 years of career left. They also have capital investment in India which is growing at a good pace.

    Now if even one is forced to go back I am sure both of them will go back to India or wherever they are from. Makes sense?

    So what are they losing by going back to India? Some $$$$. Thats all? No debt. no hassle, just semi retirement early enough.

    Now think about 100 couples like this?

    Now think about 1000 couples like this?

    1000* 60 K = $60 million of taxes and social security lost. Who is going to pay the troops in Iraq? Or the USCIS dumbo? Will he have a job to do if we leave?
    And if we leave who is going to pay the medical bills of the baby boomer who needs medicare soon?

    Lets say, they replace us with younger workers. what will be their salary? 50K or 75K. lets say 80 K. Chances are they are single. If they are married. Will their wife work immediately. If no, they are collecting taxes from him at a married rate while his spouse has no income. If his wife is educated, how long will she want to live on H4? If she doesnt get H1 will they both go back or stay here endlessly? Chickens (americans).

    How much tax will they will pay? If they are on F1 EAD, even better, they dont even pay social security.

    Of course we lost $$$$ income, but we are not in so much deep shit as US would be if they lose 1000 couples, just 2000 people.

    Now lets say we go to India and undergo semi retirement. Fine, US companies maintain competitive advantage and they gain most. But if we decide to continue to excel, can not such 2000 start a formidably competitive business? Who wins? India or USA? Or will they start multiple businesses?

    Its about the numbers. If 1 or 2 dont get GC , it doesnt matter. But if thousands are impacted, most of them smart people, it will hurt someone here or many ones.

    What have we really asked for in return? Just a piece of plastic that will let us live and contribute like everyone else here.

    They have a problem with that too. Bloody morons.

    For how many years this game of making people fools will continue? Message spreads fast. I am already telling my junior relative what to expect in America.

    I totally agree with you, but think about this.

    For every couple who plan to leave, there are 5 couples anxious to replace them. Do you know the % of visas approved vs visa applicants?.The 5 couples could be from anywhere, not just from india where the economy is in good shape.

    My point is that America does lose when someone goes back.But the loss is on a very very micro level----and replacement is not that difficult.


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  • eb3_nepa
    04-25 01:04 PM
    So what happens to people who already have a PD based on the labor(LC) date?

    I dont want to go a step back in the line just cuz someone who had been lethargic all his life just woke up on his last day of his 6th year and goes "Ohh you know what I think I might be interested in a GC" ,when I had planned or had the *intent* to apply for a GC a few years before by applying for LC.

    I agree. Also it will be a MONUMENTAL fiasco at the UCSIS and DOL. How do we forsee changing existing applicants' PDs. That will be atleast a 4-6 month backlog and i am being optimistic here.

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  • yawl
    08-02 05:05 PM
    An article confirmed the number (~76K):

    "3. The unofficial reports are that the Texas Service Center received approximately 40,000 I-485 applications during the first day or two in July and the Nebraska Service Center received approximately 35,000 I-485 applications during the same period of time. "

    Since I was bored at work, I called this number and talked with a rep this morning @10. She told me that they have 76K applications pending for the receipt date as of July 27th. She said this two times thinking me to take on with surprise with this huge number. Yes, of course I am surprised. Is it only 76K apps by July 27th?


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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    11-11 01:08 AM
    We are 7 in all now and growing:)

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  • geesee
    07-18 04:21 PM
    Made my first (small) contribution of $100 today !!
    Google order no. - 952531454379821

    Many thanks to all of IV members !!!


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  • amitjoey
    05-24 01:10 PM
    If you have not called during the campaign, Please do so now.

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  • jonty_11
    07-06 01:07 PM
    This is going to drag forever. Now, the USCIS will surely get investigated, as they approved some applications without FBI check complete....bunch of idiots in fact. I wonder when Chertoff will resign.....
    chertoff will be the one who will be questioning/grilling/waterboarding USCIS....not resigning....


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  • eb3_nepa
    04-25 05:02 PM
    1) Can somebody explain what the CORE objective of asking the UCSIS/DOL
    to change the Priority date from the date of application of Labor to date of filing H1B is?

    2) What is the proposed plan of action to deal with the 100K plus applications already applied for?

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  • virald
    09-11 04:41 PM
    I don't understand how they calculate PD dates?
    Can anyone help me here please?
    You just asked the million dollar question. I can tell you with close to a certainty that no one here can give you a 100% correct answer.


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  • SFSweta
    07-11 02:15 PM

    girlfriend A simple Antarctic food chain food chain images. pictures of food chains for
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  • helmet
    10-20 02:06 PM
    Is there any fax number to fax?

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  • ak_2006
    05-15 09:46 AM
    Here is the scoop.

    from US Congresswoman's office, an immigration specialist spoke to their liaison at the Nebraska Service Center.

    Liaison confirmed the following:

    1. I-140 approval in September, 2007 (actually 09/04/2009 as I have the hard copy)
    2. I-140 revocation in Feb, 2009 ( he has not provided the day of the month, but from LUD I have it strongly pointing to 02/03/2009)
    I have not told the Congresswoman's office about the I-140 revocation. Just mentioned that it might have happened as I have left the company.

    3. Liaison did confirm that even after the I-140 being withdrawn I am eligible for adjustment thru AC21.

    4. Liaison did agree that if the I-140 was revoked within the stipulated time given in AC21, Nebraska’s decision to deny the I-485 may have been in error. (which in my case is true)

    Immigration specialist at the Congresswoman's office is going to contact the Director of NSC to review this matter with a supervisor

    Unanswered questions:

    1. If the Liaison can see that my I-140 is approved on 09/04/2009, why is that the adjudicating officer is responding with a denial on 09/04/2009 and subsequent denial of I-485?
    2. Are they both not looking at my information with same interface?

    Atleast in my case it looks deliberate and intentional.

    Hi ind_game,

    For me, 1. I-140 approval in September, 2007 (actually 09/04/2009 as I have the hard copy) has typo. I think your 09/04/2009 should be 2007.

    Please correct.

    09-10 05:08 PM
    Send your donation to:

    Immigration Voice
    PO Box 114
    Dayton, NJ - 08810
    Telephone: (202) 386-6250


    If possible can you allow people to donate any amount they want?

    I did $100 donation and transaction Id is 4V64496321804025H. I have sent this information to all of my friends. There might be some people who want to donate but less than $100 one time donation.

    My understanding is that IV is having around 24,000 members and even if everybody donates $2 then it will be around $46K. So if possible please send a mail to all the members to do at least $5 donation.

    Thanks and Regards

    07-20 02:38 PM
    I set it up for 50 USD reoccuring contributions.


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