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  • h_shaik
    09-28 06:45 PM
    If the information is correct and authentic can IV make a complient to Zoe Lofgren who played significant role in July 2007 Visal bulletin fiasco. I hope she might respond in the similar way.

    Oh Law Firm Update :

    09/28/2007: Depressing News for the Year-End Backend 485 Delays and Potential Waste of Visa Numbers for FY 2007

    Unconfirmed sources indicate that two days before the end of FY 2007, there may be a substantial number of 485 applications for which visa numbers are available but have yet to be adjudicated, indicating that some visa numbers could be wasted this year. We know that the Service Centers have been working day and night and did not have enough resources to deal with the crisis which was brought about by the recent Visa Bulletin fiasco. We just hope for the better new fiscal year that will start from October 1, 2007.

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  • pncool01
    07-20 01:11 PM
    I can see how it will affect many people's (including mine) spouses job prospects.

    Assuming it takes longer than 12 months, what are the options here? I would like to understand what AC21 says. Is having an EAD a precondition of using the AC21 provision i.e. does it say -
    "an employee after 6 months of filing 485 AND having an EAD in hand can switch jobs"

    or does it say

    "6 months after filing 485, the employee can switch"


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  • webm
    04-30 02:37 PM
    It's on the Air now..Live session..

    keep tight!!

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  • ash0210
    06-05 02:43 PM
    You will get EAD immaterial of I-140 approval...I got my EAD approximately in 3 months & my I-140 was approved after 9 months after filing ( this 9 month includes one RFE on my I-140)..

    In short, You/your son will get EAD immaterial of your I-140 approval...

    I am talking to my immigration attorney right now to get all paperwork filed concurrently.
    My attorney say's EAD's are generally approved within 90 days. Will that be before my I-140 is approve or doesn't that matter?

    Regards to all,


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  • skv
    06-17 10:42 AM
    Thank you for your e-mail to the National Processing Center concerning
    your case filed under the PERM program.

    Our office can only respond to inquiries from the employer's contact
    person or attorney/agent listed on the submitted 9089 form.

    Atlanta Help Desk (17)

    Above is the message, I got it from them. I can't contact my attorney, because that's our company policy. While the HR told me that they will inform me when my PERM gets approved.

    Hope after 5 long years , my GC ambition will be completed this time. All the best for rest of the folks!!!

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  • priti8888
    07-23 03:35 PM
    one of those who got labor approved fast from BEC...and slipped thru quickly....yes, I mean quickly even though it took 2.5 years

    We suffered a lot as well..We applied first in 2001 and then my husband got laid off and had to start process all over again. We are on our 9th year H1 , so it was'nt all rosy for us ..


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  • JunRN
    09-28 09:47 PM
    Kidding aside, when I get my GC and then US citizenship, I will apply for a position in DHS....or in FBI.....

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  • GCBy3000
    07-06 04:54 PM
    nice and humourous. Very good.

    coz we need some place to go for vacation ;)


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  • akhilmahajan
    07-14 01:34 PM
    Simply send the check of $5 to Immigration Voice at the address listed in the first post as if you were paying a utility bill. That way your bank will send IV a check of $5.00 (or whatever amount you want it to) and IV gets the WHOLE $5 and no fees are deducted.

    Sent for me and my wife.

    GO IV GO

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  • astral1977
    07-28 05:57 PM
    My company applied for PERM ALC EB-2 category at Atlanta on 18th June 2007, got it approved on 20th June. Received hard copy on 26th June.

    can people also give idea how long/when u got the certified hard copy of approval esp if from atlanta


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  • Marphad
    07-06 03:45 PM
    Please...Please....Please don't reply within one hour.

    He is already banned :). Your post was good.

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  • Libra
    07-06 03:43 PM
    You might be senior member than me, i may not post my comments more offenly, i just read what others are saying. Even i dont mean to disrespect you, and whatever i said below is not to offend you. I hope you understand

    I don't mean to disrespect you but I guess you are going too far with your words. [COLOR="Black"]We are with IV much before you born.[/COLOR...really core born in 1970's i cant beleive that]. ok so do not dare teach us what we should be doing, with your 49 posts there are many who had 200 to 300 posts but dont say a sensible word

    Now back to your comments. You seem to be lost in some dreamy world. What do you mean by just accept the application, so that you can save yourself from loosing money. Do you worry about your GC/EAD or saving your money. From your posts it look like you are more interested in getting your money back than the eligibility to file for EAD.
    this is not my agenda, and by the way am not asking USCIS to give back my money which i paid in fees, i have that much sense, if they dont accept my app then they dont draw my money. first read my post properly and then comment and am not living in any dream, when USCIS can do anything they can do this one too. and this is my opinion not IV's. I made that comment because many of them discouraging other by -ve talk

    I'm sure IV does not agree with you and that's not the IV goal. Focus is on to make USCIS accept what they promise and that is accepting the applications files on July for AOS.

    What you are trying to do is twist your own agenda of getting your money back by making it as an IV goal. It's not a bad thing to save money or asking the money back from USCIS, which you anyway going to get when they reject your application and send your check back. As far as attorney's fees are concerned, lot of attorney's are going to refile without any charge or for some additional meagre fees.
    Now the decision is yours, whether you want to get your money or you want the eligibility to file for EAD/GC/AP.


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  • ArkBird
    09-04 05:09 PM
    You are 100% right but no one thought their Labor/GC pain will last THIS long. The most unfortunate/unlucky part in this whole journey was 245(i) amnesty in 2001. This is a tsunami which choked the labor pipe (Remember the good old days of Backlog Reduction Center and quest for that elusive screen shot from the BRC for case? :) ) & imbalanced the demand/supply equilibrium for EB3. This is the reason the variable of priority date became constant and stuck to 2001..

    I think there is more smartness needed than luck in the greencard process. If you look at the posts in this thread there are some people that came to USA in 1990s and still waiting, while some that came much later are on their way to citizenship. Some got the EB2 route and are happy and some in EB3 have only gloom before them.

    This in my opinion has helped smart folks among us:

    - They applied for GC as soon as possible. Those who waited did not give importance to Greencard as soon as they started a job in USA are now paying for their mistakes. During the initial days of career I have seen people saying that GC is not important to them etc but when their H1B is about to expire they panic and get desperate for Green Card.

    - Before pre-PERM era in 2005, smart folks took up jobs in states where labor certification had no backlog. They are now either waiting for citizenship or already citizens. On the other hand people in states like CA, NY etc suffered due to labor backlogs and far from getting greencard in hand.

    - Any company can be good or bad for an individual. It it not a question of consulting vs fortune 500 or small vs big size of a company. Smart folks know what matters them the most when they join a company. When company sees them as a valuable asset, it applies for them. I have seen where company applied for GC as soon as the employee joined it. And I have seen posts where people had to wait for several years before company applied.

    - People who took advantage of the Labor substitution got faster labors. Some could take advantage of EB2 labors and they are very fortunate. This is in no way endorsing the labor substitution rule, but in pre 2007 times nobody was protesting against it. This is a sad reality.

    - Smart folks took the risk and changed jobs wth EB2 job requirements, so that they can file in EB2. Such folks with 2007 PD are happy today and people with 2003 PDs in EB3 will have to wait for a long time.

    - If you read posts on this thread, many people have posted that they feel they are being screwed by their employer or lawyer. But hardly anyone has said they took any action against it. This is also a sad reality where we as a community have failed and will continue to suffer.

    - Many folks have said that they thought they were in EB2. But found they are in EB3. This shows another weakness of our community and lack of awareness. IV forum tries to spread the awareness but unless an individual takes initiative, they will suffer.

    Many people were able to file I485 in July 2007 due to IV effort. Imagine a 2004 EB3 India person without EAD today? How will he survive a job loss on H1B in a bad economy? We should take a lesson from that event and try for another big push. There is no other shortcut for us. It is shocking to find people on this thread that are in this country for more than 10 years and without a green card. These folks should be the most vocal folks in this effort.


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  • ksvreg
    03-09 11:31 AM
    Can anyone explain the whats the FOIA fund drive? Or provide a link. Thanks.


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  • santb1975
    05-31 09:04 AM
    Yes we have to

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  • ksefiane
    09-12 03:10 PM
    I have contacted newsrooms in Lynchburg, Roanoke, Charlottesville, Richmond, Danville, Blacksburg, and the New River Valley.




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  • ItIsNotFunny
    03-04 06:27 PM
    Sorry for being ignorant. How can we determine LUD (last update date) and what is meant my soft LUD ?

    You can check status of your case on line:

    It will show you "Last Updated Date". Soft LUD means status of case is not changed but they updated LUD, virtually means they touched your file.

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  • Milind123
    09-13 10:58 PM
    For all those people who are gun shy, let me assure you, it does not harm anybody. On the contrary it is helpful to all of us. Please consider pulling the trigger. The fund drive that is happening today is not the last drive; as long as we are active, their will always be fund drives. Maybe you are thinking of contributing after seeing the effects/results of Sept 18th. In that case, I urge you to contribute now to get the maximum bang for your buck. Think about the Macy�s firework in New York. It will be rather boring to see them light one fire work each night during the month of July, just because funds did not arrive in time or were slow to arrive. Sept 18th is our 4th of July. Please make your contributions esp. if this is your first time. Contribute so IV can pay for all the items in their list and make this firework really bright.

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  • ashutrip
    06-18 12:57 PM
    I emailed them not as me but as my employer( point of contact mentioned in the labor petition) and it works they send me a copy of the labor approval to my house along with a copy to my employer and one to my attroney. It really works.
    what is your pd?

    12-18 02:35 PM
    We have to differentiate ourselves from the illegals. Let the illegals do Rallies, Huger strikes etc.

    I agree. All this Gandhigiri is not going to do anything. Guys lets just stick with lobbying and reduce what we ask for like I mentioned on another thread. As long as everyone gets SOME benefit we should be good.

    Too much of these fasts and rallies is going to do just one thing, it will send a powerful message of the WRONG kind to the American people that "First they come on temporary work visas, then they forcefully demand Permanent residency". It will affect us even more when we go back for visa interviews and also new people coming here will have problems. Also, unfortunate but true, IV is still viewed as an organization For the Indians, By the Indians, even though this is Not true at all. If you add the whole Gandhigiri aspect to it, it will only add more fuel to the hate fire that most anti-immigrants now have against some of us Indians.

    By all means let us send a card every week to the Senators and Congressmen asking for help. A nice personalized card to each one of them EVERY week. Other than that let us PLEASE not entertain thoughts of "non-co-operation" and "Hunger Strikes". Let us remember Gandhiji was fighting to get OUR OWN country back from the FOREIGN British Rule. However we are in ANOTHER country BY OUR OWN WILL! Now we cannot start protesting and fighting that "Give us our GC or we will strike". Please get rid of these self destructive ideas.

    06-04 02:03 PM
    It is really tricky to come up with a deadline for EB employment. US is set of laws and the law is same for every one it applies. for example:If you not from a retrogressed country you will get your GC even if you start now (before enactment of this bill).
    Please know the difference between bill and law. If ever this particular bill becomes law the deadline for any cases filed under previous law will not be rejected, this is as clear as mud, to make the law same for all who applied/pending /approved on the day of enactment!!.:eek:

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