Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • Marphad
    07-06 11:37 AM
    Can you please let us know what gives you the right to call for a change the leadership?

    Not that I say we need change, but this is a public organization. Everyone has a right to call for election. There is nothing wrong.

    Only issue is, whoever wants to contest has to come out with public profile as mentioned by someone before. There are only few people who are openly public and with known real identity on this forum - thats sad!

    I am surprised to see that IV has 450K asset! Where did that number come from?

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  • autture
    04-26 04:50 PM
    You can get NJ DL on reciept and employers letter. Only thing is you need to go to Trenton or other service centers and not in local office. I got it few months back when I was in you situation.

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  • snathan
    08-12 02:52 PM
    My suggestion for everyone reading this is - do not send this information to your Company or HR department. They could ask us to table this additional cost. I work for Accenture so I hope that this does not apply to my employer with less than 50% employees on visa. But I'm not going to write to them asking about this because they may turn around asking us to eat this new cost.

    How about you? Has anyone contacted their employer already? What are they saying?

    If they ask you to illegal.

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  • alterego
    10-01 09:51 PM
    I think there will not much visa numbers unused. If at all, it may be in few hundreds. We are thinking our point of view, even wasting one visa number is ridiculus based on number peoples are waiting. However, the INA states that every year "not more than 140,000 EB visas should be issued".It sets only upper limit not the lower limit. Therefore DOS has be more vigilant in not exceding 140K. By doing so, there may be a few wastage of numbers. If they issue 120K instead of 140K, it is not the violation of law. Insted if they issue 141K it is vialotion of law.

    However, if the wastage is more than few hundreds it is definitly not acceptable.

    Last year they "wasted" about 10K visa numbers. It is absolutely up to them. However congress has authorized 140k a year and there are huge backlogs for AOS and CP. So when you put that together, leaving about 10K unapproved is clearly not enforcing congressional mandates. The ombudsman blasted them for this in his report, then we had the VB fiasco. None of this sounds like great management of the benefits. There clearly is room for improvement.
    We (us and our employers) as the recipients of the benefits are complaining about this, and it is perfectly legitimate.
    If any visa numbers are left unused, I definitely think we ought to take up this issue with congressional leaders like Zoe Lofgren. Even just a visa recapture legislation alone would help us tremendously until 2009(about the earliest they might get back to this issue more fully).


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  • ras
    10-17 04:23 PM
    I have got a PM from another IV member whose 485 got denied yesterday because of 140 revocation. He switched the job after 180 days and sent AC21 docs as well. He is willing to share his ordeal with us.

    Are we sending personal exp of the ppl affected along with the letter ? I guess, it makes perfect sense to send some real 485 denial examples.

    I mentioned in this thread about the response that I got from ombudsman. So they would love to hear about the specific cases. In fact they would be more than willing to look into the specific cases. because that gives the strength to question USCIS.

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  • gc_dedo
    04-30 03:56 PM
    wow they have run out of questions.


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  • chanduv23
    06-13 03:32 PM
    Come on folks - please donate generously to IV

    Our donations go long way towards lobbying efforts

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  • GayatriS
    01-05 08:06 PM
    I have been confused by some of the things Professor Wadhwa says -- being opposed to H1 visas and saying there are no shortages of engineers. I saw this video on Youtube which explained everything to me. He is acting like a true American -- like we should once we become citizens. He is advising America on how they can stay competetive -- like all of us want for this great country. But he is also saying that the real solution is for America to welcome immigrants as permanent residents rather than on temporary visas.

    Now I understand his message -- if you want to bring in the best from all over the world, bring them here on green cards -- not H1 visas. I also read one of his interviews where he said he was concerned about how H1 workers were taken advantage of and how they lived in immigration limbo. He really does care about doing what is right for all of us.

    I totally totally agree with Professor Sahib! I wish the government listens to him. What he is saying is good for everyone. As Indians we want America to succeed and prosper and we want to be a big part of the reason they prosper.

    Please see this and give it a good review --



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  • claudia255
    09-14 08:30 AM
    Thank you IV for all your work.
    Here is a small contribution of $100 for the rally.
    Google Order #953612264434952

    Thank you guys!

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  • xela
    07-27 11:31 PM
    for what it s worth here is my experience with ohio bmv

    i brought h1b approval till feb st 2010 and receipt notice for I 485 and employer letter till feb 1st 2010. I dont have ead or ap.

    they told me that cus of i485 i can only get dl for 1 year, however with the employment letter they did give it to me till feb 1st 2010


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  • GCapplicant
    08-04 12:19 PM
    I'm telling them my condition, and I know there are lot of people in the same boat. Again you need to talk to the lawyer about GC cost. Emplyee can bear all the GC related cost.
    EAD/AP 360*2 + 305*3(Spouse + son) is almost 2K.
    If your facts are different put that in writing and send it to them. Please stop telling me my facts. Also I have no idea why you are on this thread, please ignore this thread if it doesn't apply to you...


    I don't understand why you are picking up on facts and faults on other post.What mirage is saying is true.I know 3 families stuck up in this GC process...all true cases.

    There are some lucky people who have bought old labor substiution ;)who came to US in 2004 and got their GC's cleared and are very :D.

    Some really who have come here to in US for past 10 years genuine appliers are really stuck in this.They have all applied their labor and got them cleared only dec 2006.

    people who are interested can send those letters if not ignore the thread.

    If you are EB2 good for you...Its not that easy to change jobs having families..and when you are satisfied with the employer ,why would they change.

    Everyone here want GC to stay in this country.And we all are here to find solutions thru IV - active participation is better.

    Pani's letter is not that bad...if you dont like alter what you want to express and send it.People can write what they are facing only.

    this is not an argument...just felt bad when you were point blankly picking on them.

    I dont undestand :confused:

    But one thing I understand there are many , in general like to irritate and hurt other's sentiments and thoughts and pinpoint only faults.

    Becoz of this lack of unity only ,most of us face problems.

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  • caydee
    01-03 05:29 PM
    Filed AP on Aug-8-2007. Today received email from CRIS saying that Documents have been mailed. Hope you all will get soon.

    There appears to be a big time gap between the date one receives the USCIS email and the date the documents are actually delivered.


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  • iqube00
    09-10 01:49 PM
    I contributed $100 by Paypal and sent out an eamil to about 15 of my friends who are in the same boat as I am. My email mentioned everything IV is trying to achieve and encouraged them to contribute too. I hope atleast a few of them will come forward.

    If all of us contributing can email our friends and encourage them to do the same - that might help contributions pour in faster.

    Great job IV!

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  • new_horizon
    05-04 12:41 PM
    Called all Senators in Tier 1
    Scott Brown - Will pass message. Initially confused with illegal immigration which the senator is against.
    Judd Gregg - Will pass message
    Richard Lugar - Supports high skilled provisions
    Michael Enzi - Will pas message. Does not know the position.
    Lindsey Graham - Left message
    John Ensign - Senator opposes CIR. But will convey message re. our provisions.
    Orin Hatch - Left message
    John Cornyn - Will pass message. No position yet
    John Kyl - Will pass message
    Mitch Mcconnel - Will pass message. No position yet.
    Amy Klobuchar - Will pass message. No position yet.
    Claire McCaskill - Left message.
    Jon Tester - Will pass message. No position yet.
    Jim Webb - Will pass message. No position yet.
    Sheldon Whitehouse - Will pass message. Reviewing the bill.


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  • yoda
    09-13 08:30 AM
    Sent emails to the largest newspapers in NH:
    Union Leader
    Nashua Telegraph

    Radio Station:
    NHPR (NH Public Radio)

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  • glus
    04-30 02:23 PM
    its working now...


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  • GKBest
    08-20 08:02 PM
    My wife's DL renewal is pending for more than 2 months...When we contacted DMV they said its pending clearance from DHS (homeland security) and it could take take 120+ days to get their approval.

    Has anybody encountered this recently?


    You can ask for a temporary license good for 90 days and re-apply again until you get the DMV card renewal.

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  • Keeme
    03-04 01:23 PM
    I too noticed soft LUD on 485s last week for me and my wife

    Thank you for posting it.

    Any one else with recent LUDs/RFEs on their pending I-485 ?

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  • sxm101
    09-10 03:42 PM
    Like many others I have been following IV since July 2nd. Post July 17th reversal, just like everybody else I was tracking 485 receipts. I did make a promise to myself to contribute to IV once I get the receipts. That's the least I can do. I would have loved to go to DC on the 18th but unfortunately wouldn't be able to make it due to family reasons.

    So here goes my insignificant contribution to a significant cause..
    Google Order #466997482777279

    06-06 10:04 AM
    Come on IV heros - you can do it. Lets push this thread on top

    01-03 02:00 PM
    More than 4 years ago when I started the process I really was looking forward to getting a GC and eventually citizenship. But a lot has changed in the last 4 years. GC process has become much harder (after 4 years I am yet to file for 140 and 485). At the same time the economy back home is booming. So the financial incentive to go thru the long process is really going down by the day.

    More than the financial factor, I have gradually started realizing that no matter how many friends I make here its never the same as having a large family network that provides for social stability for each family. Also, I have started observing aging indian couples in US who came in 60's and 70's. They look pretty lonely and sad. I guess the question I am asking myself today is, is finanical success today worth the social loss I will face once I retire?

    PS: Does anyone know how to turn a thread into a poll?

    When my labor approval came, I was very happy and even bought a house. But then retrogression happened. Now I am really tired of it, besides I only can watch my nephews nieces growing through webcam only. My brother sisters are getting older, and I feel I am drifting away from them because I hardly get much time to spend with them even when I go to India. So GC or no GC, I am going back.

    Now I am here for 2 reasons, my wife is studying, I am stuck with a house. My wife's studies are almost over. So as soon as I can break even on my house, I will go back. Period.

    My wife couldn't get an internship this year due to not having GC. She has converted to F1 after waiting for a long time, and hopefully this year will get an H1. So GC has no real value for me now. Only value GC has for me is that I can live more independently switch employers, experiment with startup ideas etc. while I am here.

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