Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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blake lively family. and Blake Lively as Serena
  • and Blake Lively as Serena

  • kaarmaa
    12-15 12:48 PM
    Why not think about other options like stage rallies, talk to national news channels, flood congressmen offices?

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  • pathiren
    07-21 03:10 PM
    Count me in. I am in Irvine and would be more than helpful to work for this cause. Cheers all!! Wave is building up for a revolution to chage the immigration laws of US!!!!

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  • ambals03
    04-30 09:54 AM
    Senator John Kyl (R-Texas)

    Should say:
    Senator Jon Kyl - (R - AZ)
    (202) 224-4521

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  • forgerator
    12-10 05:06 PM
    I am with you Almond. After waiting for 12 long years in USA and 8 long years for a GC, the tunnel is still dark.

    Same here. Been in the States since 1998. They should give honorary GCs just for completing 10 legal years of being in this country. :mad:


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  • santb1975
    06-02 09:51 PM
    We need 2194$ to reach 20K

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  • Lacris
    08-17 09:07 PM

    Did anyone get a SSN with their passport expired?
    My passport expired in April and the Romanian embassy doesn't renew passports for people who are not US permanent residents or citizens. What I could do was to make a letter of representation for someone in my country, get it certified at one of the Romanian consulates and send all the ORIGINAL documents thru mail in Romania. Since I'm a full time graduate student, even finding time to go to the nearest consulate was almost impossible. I was also worried that we might be asked to show up for an interview and would not have documents like passport or marriage certificate in hand. I talked to the lawyer and she said that if I don't plan to travel abroad, not having a valid passport is ok.

    Yesterday I got the plastic card and today I went to apply for a SSN. The lady I talked to refused to take my application, saying that my Romanian passport is considered an "immigration document" and until I have an unexpired one, I should not try to get a SSN. Call me crazy, but since I am a permanent resident doesn't it mean I don't have to leave USA unless I want to???? And even more, how can a document issued by a foreign country be an immigration document, since I'm not applying for SSN based on a visa stamped in that passport.

    If anyone went thru the same situation or has some advice for me, please answer.
    Thank you


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  • manderson
    09-18 09:58 PM
    thanks for answering.

    i am not married. i have explored the possibility of doing this with friend(s) but decided that would like to do this independently. so i guess i have to figure out this owner/employee dual role problem.

    any experience on this?

    Easy way out... if you are married then your spouse could be the president (owner) and you could be a SW dev or whast so ever it states in 140/ labor.

    you need a bank account for your company, you could run your payroll by buying quicken business and issue check for you as employee... Mind your business is separate from you employment... that you cannot take all the earning as salary, some as salary, some as profits is possible

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  • bpratap
    05-28 05:37 PM
    My Loan is not Jumbo loan, its under 400K

    I don't have 20% down. But I was speaking to the Loan officer, he was telling, it doesn't matter if you put more down or not, 3yr forward continuous visa is req. I never heard this earlier.
    I finally got the Loan Approved !

    The underwriters was OK with my H1B + I-140 Approval + I-485 Reciept.

    Thank you all for the tips and leads.

    After a long 60 day wait, I m finally getting the house on Monday. :)


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  • smuggymba
    08-12 01:08 PM
    The impact to companies like Infy etc is ~5-10MM

    If someone look at their last year Balance sheet, They spent appx 16MM on visas, now assuming H1 cost came to ~10MM (these companies do lot of business elsewhere )

    that would translate to ~ 2500 filings (including extn, new etc)

    this additional $2000 would result in additional $5MM cost if they decide to continue filing 2500

    This would not be too huge to make a dent on these companies. yes they may increase their billing to client by $2-5

    So who is ultimately paying it is the American companies who use offshoring companies.

    This new law:

    1.) won't stop Infy, TCS from operating in USA

    2.) Won't create jobs for americans

    3.) Won't increase the competitiveness of american employees

    4.) Will increase offshoring

    5.) Will make a small dent in the profits of Indian companies but they likely will cut down on expenses/bonuseses/initiatives

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  • Mouns
    04-30 03:15 PM
    Max waiting country Philippines (family based) = 22 years
    if recapture enacted we shortened it for a few months.

    Very good analysis by the guy currently speaking. I love it! basically he is laughing at the 'family values as defended by the USCIS and DOS'. What a poor job they are doing!


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  • SkilledWorker4GC
    07-15 12:14 PM

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  • hopefulgc
    03-04 03:18 PM
    for all ya mumbai brothers out there:

    "ron gotcha-rkar" ka kya hai .. uppar wala mu diya ... to bolegayich. uske to naam me bhi gotcha .. aur kaamme bhi gotcha

    one more..

    Kya hawaldar saab .. toom bhi wo khajoor gotcharkar ke baaton me aa gaye .... chalo mil ke usko kopche me in leke kharcha pani dete hai.

    [translation: native mumbai rambling about how ron gotcher has no data to back it up and should be censured for his quotes without source]

    bole to sub ka current booking main chance lagta hai....ticket milega...subko...:)....bahoot jaldi....


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  • desibechara
    12-29 04:08 PM
    I was wondering about DOL letter which my employer received yesterday..for Recruitment process for 30 days..I wanted to know is it because of the conversion we did to RIR process some days back or is it just that they caught up with my TR application after 5 years..TR-Oct 2001

    Please let me know


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  • amitjoey
    07-13 05:22 PM
    My 2.5 Cents.

    We need to start a Letter Campaign next.

    A focussed uniform format with some lead from IV. But now focus on San Jose,CA's rally efforts.

    A number of people have already sent in the letters, Just use the above template, personalize it a bit, make it a letter. Put in your address, phone #, stamp and envelope and put it in the post.


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  • EkAurAaya
    07-11 03:32 PM
    They are talking about the EB-3 Other Worker category, NOT EB-3 India (one row below EB-3-I in the bulletin)
    If you see July bulletin http://travel.state.gov/visa/frvi/bulletin/bulletin_4252.html
    the EB-3 - Other Worker was 01Jan03 which is now U in August bulletin

    Oh - I got excited for nothing! Thanks for correcting me.

    So "Other workers" is also considered EB3? who falls in this category...?

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  • vjpmusa
    07-15 06:37 PM
    $5 for each family member. Thanks

    Immigration Voice IV::$15.00::07/21/2008::7YFTT-Q6LM2::High5 donation vjpmusa


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  • nixstor
    07-06 10:38 AM
    First of all i want to say is nixstor cool down, you dont have to use bad words to say anything, even though you spell wrong people can read it right.

    The whole name check system itself not working properly, everybody knows it, there are criminals who got clearance and there are innocents stuck for years, so its a chance to make FBI think about their system.

    Yeah, tell me the same thing when all of us will wait for 6 or 7 years if they dont fix the system and continue to do security check on us. We know that we are NOT bad people. Its difficult to prove that in existing conditions. People are paranoid about every thing right now.

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  • mayhemt
    06-24 08:47 PM
    Actually there are 2 sides to these questions.. (Of course I am also one of the EB3 aspirants.)

    1. What is America losing because of our prolonged wait for Green Cards?

    America would be losing on intellectual grounds. Most of the people waiting in the never-ending GC queue are ready to give up their spot, if they get good opportunities elsewhere, eg: UK, Canada, Australia, However it is not going to put a dent overall intellectual pool.

    America would be gaining in terms of revenue & employment creation:
    Filing fees, Attorney fees are the visible ones. The non-tangible ones being social security fund & medicare fund, Income tax, employer's insurance premiums. Most likely, the silent immigrant going back to his home country or another country is not going to ask for social security benefits/Medicare. Social Security in particular which is in desperate need of repairs greatly appreciates the immigrant going back.
    The wait creates lot of employment in terms of immigration personnel, attorneys, USCIS systems' maintenance. Consider this: A credit card processing bank does more checks on an individual/card while processing an authorization. What if the whole immigration system has been automated (instead of today's almost fully paper-based immigration processing)? Even with automated systems in place (eg PIMS), there are massive delays. But the complete reform would hit a huge employment soft spot. How much would it take to hook up a terminal in an overseas consulate, thru which the consulate officer can check the petition validity then & there itself, accessing it from a Centralized database? Heck they should learn it from Yahoo or Google, to access systems from anywhere in the world.

    2. How people who have green cards are contributing to the country as a whole ?
    By contributing to income tax. A person with green card is more likely to get more opportunities than a person on H1. H1 holder is constantly nagged with endless paperwork, dependencies, expiration dates. A green card holder can switch to different companies or start his/her own business, thereby earning for himself & paying more on income tax & possible his/her business tax.
    A permanent resident has already gone thru ton of checks/regulations eg: Criminal checks, medical tests. If the same tests were put thru for Americans, how many are really going to pass? Green card holders (or even H1 worker) stick to all rules, regulations, pay their bills without being a threat to American society.

    On the other hand, green card holders/H1s need not sign up for defense service selection (above the age of 24). Lost American jobs is whole different ball game.

    3. What if the whole green card process takes less than 3 years ?
    If it takes less than 3yrs, it will certainly make lot of IVians & happy, including me. But we are not in Utopian world.

    On the other hand, there will be huge influx of immigrant applications. Slowly immigration population would become large chunk in administrative areas, they may even reach Washington.

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  • HV000
    07-22 12:28 PM
    NY/NJ/CT/MA Members -

    Please write to Sen.HILARY CLINTON expressing your dissatisfaction or concern with regard to failure of Sen.Cornyn Amendment. It's critical that we as Indians get her opinion on this issue. She voted NO on this amendment DESPITE the indian lobby contributing to her campaign. Also its likely that she might become our next president.

    Obviously, Sen.Obama does not care much for Indians!

    04-29 11:05 PM
    Apart from calling all senators, I am thinking of writing to them/their offices as well. I guess different forms of communication would not hurt.

    Many people stuck in the greencard backlog are not even aware of these steps (and organizations such as IV). How can we all help? Spread the word... post the link to Pappu's message in your facebook feed / blog etc.

    08-14 03:04 PM
    The following are the reason for Eb3 situation.
    Anyone who have 3 year or 4 year degree can apply. So Other country also there is a demand. So it is nearly impossible to get other country quota. For a few thousand green cards atleast 100k persons might have applied till 2008 in EB3. So there is not much chance for improvement. It may move a few months to 2 years in 2009.If some bill is passed then most persons will get relief. But still some chances for recapture bill in house. But the reaction at Senate to be seen. Next year they may give a best attempt for CIR so that Congressmen will get a chance to do overtime also for hot news in Media. As usual CIR is unpredictable at best.

    EB3 does not require a 4 year degree. It consists of people helping in cooking, full time baby sitters from third world countries, helpers in grocery stores, farm workers, nurses, etc as well. This is why the participation of EB3 folks here is very less and IV attracts only the technical work force. I would suggest a mass campaign to attract this crowd as well to IV for support. Even if they are brought, due to the low wage rate I do not think how much of contribution that will result for IV.

    This is my observation so far.

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